Steve Bannon, a close associate of Donald Trump, has filed a lawsuit alleging obstruction of Congress work

(Washington) A parliamentary inquiry into former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who refused to take part in the investigation into the attack on Capitol Hill, launched an action on Thursday to “block the work of Congress.”

Jan. While 6 elected officials testify to Joe Biden’s victory, Mr Biden appeared before a special committee of the House of Representatives on Thursday to investigate the former president’s role in the attack by his supporters against Congress support. Bannon was summoned. Presidential election.

“Mr. Bennon refused to cooperate,” said Democrat Benny Thompson, the commission’s chairman, who has been criticized by Donald Trump and his allies.

The Special Commission will not tolerate this neglect of his Saponas, and Mr. for obstructing the work of Congress. We will take action to face criminal charges against Bannon.

Extract from the Commission’s press release on the attack on the Capitol

Members of the commission will meet Tuesday evening to formally accept the details of their complaint.

Photo by Andrew Kelly, archive owners

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has left Manhattan Federal Court, where he was indicted on a separate charge and convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering on August 20, 2020 in New York by President Donald Trump.

It must be voted on in the general session of the House, which has a majority of Democrats, and sent to the Minister of Justice. Theoretically, Mr. could face up to a year in prison. Merrick Garland will decide whether to convict Penn.

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Mr. Bannon, 66, was one of the architects of Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016 before being ousted by a Republican millionaire. In the last days of his tenure, the President granted him a condition, ending a fraud case.

In addition to this adviser, four other relatives of Donald Trump have been summoned by the Special Commission for documents or their testimony.

The former president asked them not to comply, using the administration’s right to keep certain information confidential. But for Democrats, this power applies only to the current president.

The legal debate should take place in the courts and slow down the work of the Commission.

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