Ukraine, 007 GB: “Raid Russia every time Moscow stockpiles missiles”

Ukraine, 007 GB: “Raid Russia every time Moscow stockpiles missiles”

“The interval between waves of Russian missile strikes is increasing, because Russia probably needs to stockpile newly manufactured missiles for each strike to be powerful enough to effectively hit Ukraine’s air defense.” write it British Ministry of Defense Intelligence In its daily post on Twitter, it indicated that yesterday Moscow carried out no less than 80 attacks on vital infrastructure in Ukraine, during which Iranian cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and drones were used, as well as an unusually large number of hypersonic ballistic missiles. The speed of sound. .

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This was the first major wave of long-range attacks since February 16, 2023 and likely one of the largest since December 2022. Ukrainian officials reported that at least 11 civilians were killed.

ISW: “A tactical break for the WAGNER group in Bakhmut” – “Special mercenary group Wagner appears to be taking a ‘tactical break’ at Bakhmut.” Institute for the Study of War wrote on Twitter. The American think tank believes that Wagner is waiting for “the arrival of sufficient reinforcements from the traditional Russian forces before continuing the battle.”

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