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Scientists è program Rai Cultura Science Project Which tells the stories of some of the most important Italian scientists on the national and international scene. Examined by astrophysics and published by Edwige Pezzulli, each episode introduces researchers with expertise in a specific discipline, from genetics to artificial intelligence, from chemistry to physics, to environmental and space sciences.

A pioneering story, often born and bred in historical periods and cultural spheres unwilling to acknowledge the greatness of its contribution, makes us understand that nothing that has been achieved in recent decades can be taken for granted. However, it is through the testimonies of today’s scientists that we discover how a passion for science, preparation, and perseverance are essential tools for success. Interviews that reveal a career path consisting of overcoming obstacles and winning battles, but also an intimate sphere full of personal and family relationships. 14 female scientists present their stories as a model and encouragement for young women who dream of conducting scientific studies.

In the seven episodes of this cycle they tell us about their research and scientific discoveries from the caliber of Pais Vaubini, who conducted the first studies on the harms of asbestos, or Marina Cavazzana, who in the 1990s tried the first gene therapies, or even by Antonella Viola, who completed basic studies on the immune system , or by Luigia Carlucci Aiello, the Italian mother of artificial intelligence.

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