“We sell furniture, jewelry and my motorcycle. But the king’s grandfather’s books and silver are safe” – Corriere.it

“We sell furniture, jewelry and my motorcycle.  But the king’s grandfather’s books and silver are safe” – Corriere.it

“All the books of the House of Savoy from the collection of my grandfather, King Umberto II, and my great-grandfather, King Vittorio Emanuele III, in addition to old paintings and silverware related to the history of the House of Savoy, are safe: I will keep them in my residence, and will not go to public auction,” Al confirms. courier Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy While in Geneva, Switzerland – where members of the Savoy family have led a life in exile – an array of objects are ready to be put under the hammer, from plates to candelabra, from statues to a roundel bearing the image of Vittorio Emanuele III, a clock, a box, mugs Viennese vase. Along with memorabilia and motorcycles from the house on the hill of Vicenaz that his father, Vittorio Emanuele, lived in for life with his wife, Marina Doria. Small and large treasures worth about 100-150 thousand Swiss francs.
I well remember the villa in Vicenaz, where, awaiting one of our interviews, mother Marina Doria confessed to me all her daily anxieties when she returned every evening on her motorbike from work at the Cez bank in Geneva.
Will this bike be auctioned at Genève Enchères on September 20th?

“Yes, that’s it, my Agusta racing bike, a real passion, and you better not have it on hand today, I’m not that old anymore. Now my parents live in the mountains in Gstaad, and the house in Geneva is so big… they can Dividing their time between Corsica Cavallo and also the United States in short, rather than letting so many memories rot in their mind. Some downstairs, I better be able to enjoy some enthusiasts. We must have the courage to get rid of what is no longer needed.” Designed by his mother, Marina, Villa Vicenaz impresses with its large living room with descending tones, white carpets, and ultra-modern, almost futuristic, 1970s furniture. Will it also go on sale?
“Yes, all the furniture that my mother designed for the villa and which is the fruit of her creativity, will be up for sale at Christie’s at the end of the year: a strange bar cabinet, paintings from Liechtenstein, chairs, and the huge marble table that perhaps reminds us in the middle of the house.”
There will indeed be a rug designed by Alexander Calder at auction in Geneva in September. Jewelry will also be sold: an aquamarine ring, a small emerald bracelet, and emerald, ruby ​​or pearl rings. Small joys. And many watches: Cartier, Rolex, Audemars, Jaeger-LeCoultre. m no crowns or crowns. The mind is drawn to the numerous sales of truly magnificent and royal treasures of the Savoy family over the years.
The sale of the magnificent jewels at auction in London in 2007 to Maria Gabriela of Savoy, her father’s sister, made the news… He also made news when, months ago, he announced to the Corriere newspaper a plan to recover the jewelry he had kept since the end of the exile of the “King of Mai,” his grandfather Umberto, in the vault of the Bank of Italy. Where did the case come from?
“The case continues, and I will not stop to recover the Savoy family jewels. As for auction sales, life takes you somewhere else, you have to have the courage to look forward. With Prince of Venice, the restaurant chain that opened before the pandemic, at the end of the year I will also open in Riyadh and then we will launch a real chain of licensed premises.
Will Prince of Venice restaurants open in Italy as well?
“We haven’t even started with a real plan, but why not? In the meantime, I deal with the orders of the Savoys, not only with the Italian delegations but also with the seventeen foreign delegations and with Casa Reale Holding, the same vehicle with which I completed the purchase of the three Savoia Torre Annunziata football teams. And Savoia Aversa and Savoia Portici, we will also launch the first Royal Card.”
Royal charter, what is it?
“Online bank, we already have all the licenses, and the card will be issued with the MasterCard department.”

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