How often do you change the sheets on the bed? The science was so clear

An English-language study sheds light on how often sheets need to be changed, and science explains when and how to make a bed.

Bed linen and pillows (Pixabay)

An English-language study sheds light on how often sheets need to be changed, and science explains when and how to make a bed. How often do you do it change sheets? And again, do you make your bed every day as soon as you wake up? Science attempts to answer these questions by relating them to our health. It sounds silly, but the answers given by the study by Kingston University in London are really unbelievable.

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Bed can be made every morning engraving negative on health. This is one of the data provided by the researchers. But how does that happen? And again, how many days do you have to change the sheets? We try to monitor and analyze the results of the University of London in concrete terms. There is a scientific explanation behind the answers given. Let’s find out more about this strange fact.

The science is pretty clear: When should I change the sheets?

Make the bed and the sheets
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Even the sheets and mattresses Attract parasitesbacteria and fungi. In particular, moths nest under the sheets, attracted by the resulting microclimate between the mattress and the blankets. They are microscopic insects that carry germs, allergies, and even cause irritation. Every night, these unsympathetic creatures crawl under the blankets, carried by dust, animal hair, pajamas and more.

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Moreover, we also produce dirt that accumulates under the covers. Dead skin, sweat, hair, dander, and secretions are all things that dirty the sheets. for this reason, It needs to be washed oftenAt least once a week and at a high temperature above 60 degrees in order to sterilize everything. Synthetic fabrics, among other things, breed germs and bacteria, so it is best to choose blankets with natural fabrics.

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What about making the bed? What do researchers tell us? these Advise against To make your bed every morning, but leave it untidy. In fact, it would be better to lower all the covers and let the mattress take in the air. This prevents the formation of moisture, a favorable microclimate for germs and bacteria. Moreover, the mite, which does not contain moisture, dries up and dies. Again, it is also advisable to leave the windows open every morning to recirculate the air. Small precautions to improve our health. For the lazy, this is the perfect solution.

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