Big Brother, New Programming Change: When it airs

Big Brother, New Programming Change: When it airs

The Big Brother broadcast is changing again. The fourth episode of the evening should have given the necessary push to raise the bar I listen From the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, however, the data was recorded as being true Collapses: 16.90%.

there An argument in the last few hours between Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varese In fact it remains the most eventful episode since the start of the new season of the reality show Canale 5. A reality show whose new path is that of Bersilvio Berlusconi – certainly poorly combined with the inadequacy of the hosting Alfonso Signorini and the indefiniteness of Rebecca Staveli, in addition. To the inappropriateness of commentator Cesara Bonamisi in such a context – he does not convince and, above all, does not attract the audience.

Hence the necessity of correcting the target for the first time in days with Reschedule the appointment From Friday to Thursday evening. Therefore, to avoid overlapping the evening episodes with the “Tale e Quale Show” on Friday, they are broadcast on Monday and Thursday evenings.

But Mediaset’s leaders seem to be completely unconvinced even by the company’s results Daily sector From gf. Here’s an unprecedented change: Big Brother’s daytime runs from the afternoon – the expected Pomeriggio 5, another program that doesn’t please the network in terms of ratings – until late in the morning, right before the forum. Then at 10.55am and 1.40pm. The series “The Promise” has been preserved and it is clear that from Monday, Ami will find his place in the usual afternoon slot

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