“They don’t want them to win.” Jessetti’s answers blow up the case

“They don’t want them to win.”  Jessetti’s answers blow up the case

chain reaction Back in the spiral controversy affiliate viewers. Popular contest show by Rai Uno conducted by Marco Lorney It may cause some confusion for the episode that was broadcast today, June 29th. The protagonist of the novel was the trio of Florentine Eduardo, Lorenzo and Riccardo, “Jesetti”.

The three boys made it to the last hole of the last series with a draw of €99,000. It is unfortunate that at the end of the blockade the money decreased to 6188 euros due to the lack of solutions. Despite precisely this Q&A, the public has expressed skepticism. Let’s see together why.

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The word to search for was with the first letter “B” between the terms “Feed” and “Pacifier”. For the three Florentines, the answer was Bambino, but by Pepe. Soon after, another setup upset fans of the show. “Ciuccio” and “Bue” with a word beginning with “A”, in the middle: for young people it was “Donkey” for editorial staff “Donkey”.

Tweets about it are inevitable, including comments regarding the fact that it was a trap to bring the trio down and prevent them from getting the initial amount.

“It’s not fair, the answers are correct even if they don’t exactly match those suggested by the authors,” he reads the comments on the social network. And again: “Bad authors, this is a trick to make them lose.”

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This isn’t the first time viewers have taken the side of the show’s players who clearly define words for meaning, though not in the form chosen by the authors. For some, it is just a coincidence, but many argue that it is being done voluntarily to halve the prize money, in order to find similar words that can be substituted as needed.

Will authors one day accept the audience’s disagreements, and become more lenient in choosing answers?

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