Biden is deploying 1,500 soldiers to the US-Mexico border, which was also criticized by the Democratic Party

Biden is deploying 1,500 soldiers to the US-Mexico border, which was also criticized by the Democratic Party

Not only Ukraine and the war, the United States is deploying 1,500 soldiers on the border with Mexico.

It’s coming from Joe Biden himself, and criticism is pouring in from every direction. Not just, as expected, who arranged Republicans. But also from seats Democrats.

a militarization Which leaves everyone confused, which is defined as an open scene “unacceptable” Even by some of the Stars and Stripes deputy left. The party against the boss is a real danger Stepping up the worsening immigration frontfor which there seems to be no dam and no solution.

It was one of the main themes of the campaign pitting Biden against TrumpBut the fact is that the current commander-in-chief, as well as his deputy Kamala Harris And they ended up toughening certain positions more than their controversial and questionable predecessor.

In short, there are no discounts.
The rules remain strict, and to ensure their absolute respect, Washington does not hesitate to deploy the army.

A strong, clear signal that paradoxically pleases conservatives and especially Texas voters, a state with a historical lean to the right.

a humanitarian crisis Which, however, portends among other things Representative of the Democratic Party Ilhan Omar.

Born in 1982, of Somali origin, the first black, Muslim and “veiled” representative of the US Congress, he thundered against Biden, even without naming him explicitly:

“The right to seek asylum is one of the basic human rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and international law,” he said.
With such measures, Innocent people are criminalsHe closes in a fierce tone.

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It is evident, then, that it is no longer sufficient to blame everything, even all the evils of the world, on the unsavory character. Trump is a “fascist and racist”.

Apparently, this is the right time Biden and Harris to find a concrete and final solution to a long-standing and thorny issue, especially after announcing, publicly and officially, the Re-election to the White House 2024.
Perhaps, on the other hand, Specifically and again against the “fascist and racist” Trump.

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