The fire at the sulfur company that forced the Constanti Polygon to close has been extinguished

Thursday afternoon, firefighters recommended a detention Polygon De Constati, in Tarragona. The reason was the rapid spread of the fire that broke out in some bushes near the industrial area and the wind blowing to the company’s warehouses Azufrera y Fertilizantes Pallares.

I sent the fire department 24 facilities in the region He explained that the fire destroyed the interior of three buildings and an external garbage container. In this regard, officers were able to completely extinguish the fire at 10:30 pm.

At the same time, Civil Protection activated the warning phase of the chemical emergency plan for Placeta, which finally moved to the advance warning phase and the reservation of the area was lifted:

Sulfur dioxide measurements

The affected company is the Fertilizer and Sulfur Company, which alarmed firefighters Potential sulfur dioxide emission Resulting from the combustion of dust of this chemical element.

For this reason, the polygon was recommended to be detained and the damaged ships were evacuated. However, in addition to working to extinguish the fire, the firefighters carried out their work Measurements of sulfur dioxide in the environment I No abnormal values ​​were detected.

Jordi CastelfiThe head of the fire department confirmed the accident It did not cause any injuries They explained that once the fire is extinguished, they will wait until the area cools down to ensure it does not reignite.

Impacts on traffic

The local police in Constanti and Mossos de Escodra set up a traffic device to control access to the industrial area and prevent vehicles from entering it while the alert is in effect.

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In addition, the Catalan Traffic Service reported that, The C-422 was cut off at Constanti, between the points of kilometers 8 and 4.5 in both directions; TP-7225 between Reus and Constanti, between km 1.5 and 4.9, in both directions, and TV-7211 between Reus and Constanti, between km 2.5 and 7.9, in all directions in two directions.

In every way, really Traffic has been restored.

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