Biden accuses Trump: “Stupid and shameful”

Biden accuses Trump: “Stupid and shameful”

It's a campaign issue, but it's also another issue. United States President Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump yesterday over controversial statements the Republican made this weekend during a rally in which he said the United States would not come to the defense of NATO countries if they were “criminals” and “criminals.” They would default on their payments to the alliance, and would even encourage Russia to invade them. The Democrat, who will almost certainly face Trump in November's presidential election, called the letter “stupid,” “shameful,” “dangerous” and “un-American.”

“The worst part is that he means it,” Biden commented in his White House appearance, in which he denounced Trump’s damage to the country’s credibility. “No other president in our history has acquiesced to a Russian dictator.”

He continued: “When Trump looks at NATO, he does not see an alliance that protects the United States and the world.” “He looks at it like a burden. He doesn't understand that NATO is built on the basic principles of freedom, security and national sovereignty, because for him principles never matter. It's all about transactions,” he added.

The US President also spoke of NATO as a “sacred obligation.” “Our enemies have long sought to cause cracks in the alliance, and the greatest hope of those who want to harm the United States is for NATO to collapse,” he said. “As long as I'm president, yes [el president rus Vladímir] “If Putin attacks an ally, the United States will defend every millimeter of NATO territory.”

Aid proposal for Ukraine

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Biden appeared hours after the Senate gave the green light, with bipartisan support, to vote 70-29 for a bill allocating $60 billion to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel, $10,000 for humanitarian aid for civilians in conflict zones and about $5 billion to Taiwan. and the Indo-Pacific region. This initiative now needs the approval of the House of Representatives, under Republican control, as House Speaker Mike Johnson threatens not to put it to a vote.

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