Diablo 4: $30 for Portal Colors, not liked by the community

Diablo 4: $30 for Portal Colors, not liked by the community

Diablo 4 Once again at the heart of a strong controversy over it Microtransactions. And by the way, in this case we're talking about spending $30 on some of them Alternate colors for gateslinked to character classes.

It must be said that in reality the package gates not only change color, but also have different shapes and that the purchase pays off Game currency It's worth about $10. It should be noted that this is a completely optional purchase, and does not involve anything in terms of progression.

Unfortunately for Blizzard, the atmosphere surrounding Diablo 4's microtransactions has become heated in recent days, due to some sales tactics, with paid items being advertised alongside free unlockables and, in general, with Season 3 This is completely unconvincing. Players then became more observant and started noticing offers like those coming from the gates, which left them in a state of disbelief.


$30 for colored gates

In the Posted on Reddit That's where the controversy started, with one player identifying the bundle price as an insult, and another pointing out that for the same price you could buy a full game like Palworld.

Then there are those who did not criticizeDisplays In itself, insofar as the different portals are linked to classes, i.e. they cannot be used freely. There were even those who said they would have bought it if it were free.

However, it should be remembered that Diablo 4 does not contain any microtransactions Pay to winalthough many still consider some of the prices exaggerated, considering that we are talking about a game that can be purchased at full price.

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