Science and Society in the Face of a Pandemic, Afternoon in San Barnabas

The complex relationship between science and society highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting misunderstandings is at the heart of the second meeting of afternoon medicine, a series of meetings open to all citizens, promoted by the Brescia municipality and the Medical Association.
An age of uncertainty – science and society face the test of a pandemic It is the due date Tuesday, November 16 at 5:30 pm in a San Barnabas Hall Corso magenta in Brescia.
Together with Umberto Gelati, Professor of General and Applied Hygiene at the University of Brescia, We will reflect on how this pandemic, which has put us before an unknown enemy, affects not only the way we think and think about science, but also the ways in which it is communicated. On the one hand, in fact, important milestones have been achieved (such as vaccines against Covid) and we have moved towards new frontiers of research in the therapeutic field. On the other hand, misunderstandings and misunderstandings have arisen between the language of science and the language of civil society, often confused in the face of the so-called “information epidemic”, or the circulation of an excessive amount of information, reliable, and some not, which makes it difficult to explain most issues current correctly.
The results are entrusted to GP Germano Betoncelli Coordinator of the Culture and Modernization Committee of the Medical Syndicate. Run by Lisa Sisko, Journalist.
Meetings are free. In view of the anti-Covid precautions, for this special edition San Barnaba Hall is accessible by reservation only, On Green Passage submission is also required.
The appointments will also be broadcast live on the Facebook page

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