Between fear, dedication and knowledge

Between fear, dedication and knowledge

Brescia. “Between fear, dedication and knowledgePlaces of healing and treatments from the 15th to the 19th centuries In Brescia is the subject of a multimedia exhibition itineraryState Archives On the occasion of Bergamo Brescia – Capital of Culture 2023 and the European Heritage Days GEP202. The exhibition will be open to visitors until January 19.

A physical and multimedia journey that aims to explore feelings of fear and dread Produced by epidemics and the human attempt to implement defense and prevention systems. The analysis is carried out through research and study of archival and bibliographic documents and pictorial, sculptural and architectural art objects from the regions of Brescia and Veneto.
The context of the exhibition guides the visitor to understand the documents on display and their relationship to the city spaces that served as spaces of care, and in their development within the city territory.

There are two multimedia products that enrich and integrate the exhibition path: A video displayed inside the exhibition space and a touch screen allow you to delve deeper into some aspects of research and study related to the exhibition topics. The proposal is completed with a cycle of seminars, from October to December, which will develop some of the exhibition’s themes and which will witness the participation of university professors from the University of Brescia and specialized scholars.

The exhibition itinerary is now accessible even to non-experts And to completely reconsider the exhibition hall of this archive as a multimedia space with the removal of all kinds of barriers, in order to facilitate the delivery of historical and artistic contents to the widest and most diverse audience as possible. The exhibition is combined, in fact, with an immersive display that narrates, through photographs and archival documents, the various epidemics that have occurred over the centuries in the Brescia region and the treatments that have been implemented for them.

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The documents displayed are detailed with high definition imagesText cards and other multimedia content, via a touch screen located in a special space in the room, allowing an in-depth analysis of the documents on display and the display of objects that are not physically available for various reasons, such as for preservation reasons or because of belonging to other archives. Images, narration and sounds will help culturally weaker people to pay attention to the topics covered, leading them to a significant improvement in terms of inclusion.

Moreover, eight meetings were organized in parallel with the exhibition route Of a seminar nature, which is called “Fridays of Care” and will start from September 30: each will be devoted to an in-depth analysis of a specific topic.

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