Monterossi Toccia – Taranto 2-3: Live coverage, final score and highlights

Monterossi Toccia – Taranto 2-3: Live coverage, final score and highlights

Monterossi Toscia – Taranto match on Monday, September 25, 2023 Live: After the rematch between Fabrio and Palazzino, they attack with Antonini and Kanoute

Teramo – Monday September 25, 2023 It will be held at 8:45 pm Monterossi ToshiyaTaranto The match is valid for the fifth day of the tournament League C -Group C. 0-0 is the result of the last match between these two teams dating back to April 16, 2023. The match will be held at the Bonolis Stadium in Teramo and will be officiated byto rule Giorgio Bosito from Bergamo. He will be assisted by assistants Francesco Tagliaferri from Faenza and Alessandro Cassano from Saronno, and the fourth official is Domenico Mirabella from Naples. prediction Slightly in favor of Monterossi, with bookmakers citing a win at 2.60 while a draw at 2.90 and a defeat at 2.75. In the last 5 races he won balance 0 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats; He scored 7 goals and conceded 10. With two points in the standings, the Lazio team lost its first match to Juventus Stabia and its last match in Brindisi, amid two draws with Monopoly and Latina. Coach Romondini will have to let go of Bonetti due to a physical problem in Turin. Taranto’s balance sheet is instead 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last 5; He scored 6 goals and conceded 3. After the success in the derby against Foggia, they tied with Picerno and lost to Benevento. Our readers will be able to follow the live transcript of the meeting on the same location, from tablets or smartphones. From 8.45pm it will be available Live text. It will be available about an hour early Official formations From this match, the two coaches chose it. Juve Stabia is at the top of the Italian League table – Group C with 10 with Torres and Latina with 8.

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Highlights of the match

Grading board

Monterossi Toshiya: Mastrantonio D., Piroli D., Tartaglia A., Cinaglia D., Di Renzo A., Frediani M. (from 38′ Via Ecoban J.), Di Paolantonio A. (from 30′ Fantacchi Street T.), Parlati S., Silippo A., Costantino R. (from 16 Fano M. Street), Palazzino F. (From 25 Tolomelo Street F.). available: Petanti L, Conti P, Di Francesco D, Ferreri G, Giordani P, Perrotta F, Rigon A (goalkeeper), Ceni S.

Taranto: Vannucchi G., Riggio C. (from 1st Heinz J.), Antonini Lui M., Enrici P., Kondaj E. (from 3 Mastromonaco G.), Calvano S., Fiorani M., Zonta L. (from 17′ Via Romano A.), Panico C. (from 22′ Via Ferrara A.), Cianci P., Fabro M. (From 17′ Canoti St. M.). available: Bifolco A, Capone F, De Santis, Di Serio A (GK), Hisay D, Loliva A (GK), Orlando F, Papaserio G, Samelli L.

Networks: At 10′ points Palazzino F. (Monterosi Tuscia), at 28′ points Parlati S. (Monterosi Tuscia), at 8′ points Fabbro M. (Taranto), at 43′ points Antonini Lui M. (Taranto), at 20′ points Canute M. (Taranto).

Warnings: At 18′ Senalia Street Dr. (Monterossi Toccia), at 38′ Via Frediani M. (Monterossi Toccia), at 45′ + 4 St. Tartaglia A. (Monterosi Toshiya) at 9′ Kondag point E. (Taranto), at 32′ point of Reggio C. (Taranto), at 34′ Via Cianci B. (Taranto), at 45′ Via Antonini Louis M. (Taranto), at 45’+1 Via Calvano S. (Taranto).

Official lineup of Monterossi Toccia – Taranto

Monterrosi (4-3-3): Mastrantonio. Tartaglia, Sinalia, Palazzino, Di Rienzo; Frediani, Di Paolantonio, Pirolli; Parlati, Costantino, Celebo. available: Rigoni, Di Francesco, Ecoban, Giordani, Fantacci, Petanti, Perotta, Cini, Conte, Tolomilo, Ferreri, Fano. trainer: Romondini.

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Taranto (3-5-2): Vanucci. Enrisi, Antonini, Reggio; Kundig, Zonta, Calvano, Fiorani, Panico; Cianci, Fabro. available: Lolliva, Di Serio, Ferrara, De Santis, Romano, Samelli, Bifolco, Haynes, Hessay, Papacerio, Capone, Mastromonaco, Kanoute, Orlando. trainer: Capuano.

Possible lineup for Monterossi Toccia – Taranto

Monterrosi (4-3-3): Mastrantonio. Tartaglia, Cinaglia, Cini, Crescenzi; Verdi, Altobelli, Frediani; Silippo, Costantino, Di Francesco. trainer: Romondini.

Taranto (3-5-2): Vanucci. Haynes, Antonini, Reggio; Kundig, Zonta, Calvano, Fiorani, Panico; Cianci, Fabro. trainer: Capuano.

Where to watch the match on TV and live broadcast

The Monterossi Tocchia – Taranto match, valid for the fifth day of the Italian League Championship – Group C, can be followed live and exclusively on Sky Sports on channel 255. For season ticket holders, the match will be available for live broadcast via the Sky Go service. Also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it can be downloaded for free from major market stores and is intended for subscription holders. Also available on now.

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