What on earth can you do

What on earth can you do

It is really incredible what some scientists have discovered, according to which another smaller planet is swallowed up.

The results of a recent study revealed an unexpected fact that does not go unnoticed. Basically it looks like a planet has been discovered.”CannibalsAny world, according to astronomers, would have swallowed another world. Here’s what happened.

Planets (information today. It)

From social networks to various instant messaging services, we have various services thanks to which we can communicate with anyone at any time and from any corner of our beloved earth. Meanwhile, various tools are at our disposal to access the most diverse information. On the other hand, there are many more discoveries Man made it over the centuries.

It follows from this that there are many things we can know. If all this weren’t enough, the world of knowledge seems destined to never stop. Discoveries big and small are almost the norm, and some are more shocking than others. Just think about the fact that some scientists recently discovered the so-called planet “CannibalsHere is what is meant by this term.

Science discovers a “cannibal” planet: what do experts say?

Everyone, sooner or later, turns their eyes to the sky and wonders what lies beyond planet Earth. Many discoveries have been made over the centuries, and some studies inevitably spark more interest and buzz than others. These include my recent findings Stadyas reported Respected.

Planets (information today. It)

Well, it looks like some scientists have discovered the existence of a planet.CannibalsGoing into detail seems to be the study of the planet’s atmosphere WASP-76b aGave somewhat unexpected results. In particular, according to Stéphane Pelletier of the University of Montreal and his team, this exoplanet could have swallowed a smaller planet. Based on the data collected, it appears that its atmosphere contains several different elements.

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In this regard, Muhammad Ali Deeb, an astrophysicist at New York University Abu Dhabi, explained that “And the deviations in its values ​​from what was expected led us to hypothesize that WASP-76b might be the same swept another much smaller planetOne with the same chemical composition as mercury.. However, we stress for the time being that these are just assumptions. We have to wait for more studies to see if this hypothesis is a concrete reality or not.

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