How to furnish the bedroom

How to furnish the bedroom

Thinking about the optimal organization of bedroom spaces is not always easy. But a potential cornerstone can be provided by feng shui, the ancient Taoist art that also finds some tangible scientific evidence.

This is confirmed by Emma – The Sleep Company, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the production of sleep systems. The company engaged one of its experts, Dr. Verena Sen, a neurobiologist and head of sleep research, to investigate the problem and reveal the 10 golden rules for outfitting one’s room by creating the “Temple of Harmony.” To promote restorative sleep and begin productive and satisfying days.

Feng Shui in the bedroom: harmony, order, minimal furniture, cleanliness

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the placement of everything can affect the experience you live in the house, including the bedroom. This, in particular, should be considered a “sanctuary”, a place to rest and find balance. For this reason, according to Feng Shui, this space should be as clean and tidy as possible. It has a simple and harmonious design, to convey a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Both feng shui and science They believe that when it comes to the correct placement of furniture accessories, it is important the ability to see the front door from the bed, But without being directly in front of the bed, allowing you to check who is entering the room without seeing you at first sight. This position favors a feeling of psychological protection and security, which prepares you to relax and thus to fall asleep faster.

Moreover, they play an essential role The amount of things in place and arrangementThe human brain is constantly processing information through the senses. Thus, the more complex the perception, the more time, effort and attention are required for the mind, exposing it to a state of unnecessary stress.

Finally, both neuroscience and Eastern philosophy stress the importance of bedroom preservation Without electronic devices. This is because the devices prevent maximum darkness in the room and can increase problems while resting at night.

Feng Shui and Science: 10 Strategic Tips for Bedroom Decorating

According to expert Emma – The Sleep Company, Feng shui and science find harmony in some golden rules Which can actually have beneficial effects on the body and mind. Helping people live their daily lives more actively, directing positive energy to better face their days. But what are they?

Correct arrangement of the bed. It is ideal not to place it near a window, to stay away from any external noise and avoid drafts if you want to open the windows.

Never again without a bedside table. It is always important to have this piece of furniture available to have a lamp, a glass of water or any useful little things next to you.

More indoor lighting points. It is better not to focus all the light sources in one point, but to distribute them throughout the room to create a softer and more pleasant atmosphere.

High quality curtains. It is advisable to carefully evaluate the fabrics and manufacture of the curtains so that they are really able to retain the outside light, and properly support the night’s rest.

Zero device. It is necessary to stay away from the bedroom everything that is not necessary for sleep and can even affect its quality, such as TVs, tablets and smartphones.

No to mirrors. People with sleep disturbances often check their faces first thing in the morning, focusing on the wrinkles and details that come from staying up late. This situation can cause increased levels of anxiety and stress.

Prefer to get pillows and duvets. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with whatever favors a welcoming environment and allows you to feel pampered and safe in your own space.

Delightful picture. Choosing a picture, painting, or poster that makes you smile and carefree can help you wake up happier.

Not for the office. It is important to use the bedroom only for sleeping, which is why there should be no desk area, especially if you are doing stressful work. This rule allows you to educate the mind to relax and not think about the events of the day.

sunlight outdoors. As the best biological clock synchronizer, it is strategic to consider having windows on one side of the bed. Otherwise, if the window is behind the bed, it will not be possible to take full advantage of the sun; Whereas, if it is in front of the bed, the light may strain the eyes in the morning, disturbing the awakening.

The importance of sleeping in a clean and tidy environment

“Even if science and feng shui at first glance seem far away, in fact they agree on the true potential for finding the right balance in your bedroom, and the calmness that allows people to revitalize their best version of themselves. In particular, when the room is clean, without electronic devices that emit light. Blue and used for the sole purpose of sleeping, it is possible to feel calm and relaxed, experience a restful sleep and wake up with more energy.

Finally, having a tidy bedroom helps maintain mental balance. Getting rid of things you don’t need can be a good metaphor and valid input for letting go of memories and stories that no longer make you feel good and peaceful,” comments Dr. Verena Sen, Neurobiologist and Head of Sleep Research by Emma – The Sleep Company.

Sleeping in a clean environment improves comfort, which is why among the novelties of the brand, the Emma Storage bed responds well to the need to combine practicality, comfort and luxury. Equipped with a large storage compartment, with a front hatch and a padded lifting system, it is ideal for those with limited space. Adaptable to Emma mattresses, and versatile to meet everyone’s needs and tastes, with a basic design (with or without a headboard) and neutral colors (gray or beige), the bed transforms the bedroom into a little oasis where you can find your own energy.

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