Best Actress: Swami Rotolo 17, Best Sorrentino Film –

Best Actress: Swami Rotolo 17, Best Sorrentino Film –
from Elisa Messina

The Oscars of Italian Cinema, The Evening Minute by Minute from Cinecitt Studios: The film’s finest awards were the Hand of God. A ‘sober’ TV event, with some trivia and a lot more ‘Thank you to my family’

• Ceremony David Di Donatello 2022 It takes place at the famous Cinecitt Studios and airs live on Rai 1. A long-awaited return after two years of restrictions, with the return of the red carpet and all the glamor that surrounds the world of cinema.
• they drive Carlo Conti And Drusilla Foer.
• Twenty-five David Di Donatello and David Special Awards were awarded during this event, which this year were awarded to Sabrina Ferelli and director Antonio Capuano.
• Giovanna Raleigh Receives David Award for Lifetime Achievement 2022: I’ve Been 70 Years Working – Actress Announces, Starting At 13 As An Additional Assistant At Cinecitt
• The two films with the most nominations for David Di Donatello for 2022 (16 nominations each) are Paolo Sorrentino’s Hand of God and Gabriel Mainetti’s Freaks. Followed by: Qui I Laughing by Mario Martone (14 nominations); Ariaferma by Leonardo Di Costanzo and Diabolik by Manetti Bros (11 nominations each); To Chiara by Jonas Carpignano, The Brothers De Filippo by Sergio Rubini and Ennio by Giuseppe Tornatore (6 nominations each).
• here All winners From the evening in real time

00:13 – Best Film: It was the Hand of God

It was God’s hand It also brings home the most important award, the Best Film award. After the Directing Award, Best Supporting Actress, Cinematography, and Young David, here is the fifth most prestigious statuette of the Naples director’s biographical film. But the fictional Freaks Outad won more figurines, as many as six, albeit mostly technical.

00:12 – Anti-war moment with the ‘Great Dictator’

The “essential” acting moment, the one entrusted to Drusilla Foer who read and interpreted Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Great Dictator, perhaps the most famous anti-war speech in the history of cinema. The war in Ukraine was not mentioned much during this evening, perhaps less than might have been expected, but in the general atmosphere something was perceived and moments like these feature remembered without speech: cinema, on the subject, wrote and shot pages and splendid scenes. Well, maybe we could have done a little more research and not immediately rely on the most popular page.

00:04 – Paolo Sorrentino, Best Director but “Maestro” Capuano moved everyone

It is expected, in fact, that Paolo Sorrentino’s win as best director for his autobiographical film was the Hand of God. Then the director returned to the stage also to hand out the special award to Antonio Capuano, his mentor, who first worked in the world of cinema when Sorrentino, as a boy, knew how to do anything but had many vivid dreams. Capuano, the director against, the popular director, in the film tells Sorrentino a phrase that has become almost a meme today: Do not part! And on stage he moved the whole audience to dedicate the award to his girlfriend who no longer exists.

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11:24 p.m. Best International Film: 11-year-old Judd Hill on stage gives best speech

For Best International Film, Belfast, director and writer Sir Kenneth Branagh sent 11-year-old Judd Hill, who plays the film’s child director. And his speech, perhaps the best he heard tonight: the least improvisation, if nothing else.

11:18 PM – Best Hairstyle in Fantasy Freaks Out

And after Drusilla’s dress change, which goes from an important red, low-cut evening dress to sober black pants, here’s David for the best hairdo for Nanetti Bros Freaks Out.

11:17pm – Manuel Agnelli, David for Best Original Song

To the enthusiastic Manuel Agnelli, David for Best Original Song: Depth of the Abyss, for Diabolic. But even a music educator like him isn’t a slightly different letter of thanks. sin.

11:09 pm – Umberto Tozzi: The most “singing” movie

His songs are among the most popular songs in movies and TV series around the world. So tonight, Umberto Tozzi on David’s stage sang live, with the band, a collection of his songs that have become world famous: I love you, Stella Stay, Gloria. For him, it was the best cover memory of “Flashdance” and the most surprising when he heard Gloria in Wolf of Wolf Street.

11.00 p.m. – Silvio Orlando, David as Best Actor: I didn’t want to make the movie…

Silvio Orlando did not expect David to win as best actor for Ariafirma. So much so that he went up on stage with the mask on and Conte had to remind him that he could take it off. His lack of speaking is almost a gag: I gave it to my wife…and since he moved on, he immediately determined: She’s fine eh…not in memory…she’s the best person I’ve known. And then: I didn’t want to make that movie. I didn’t feel able to. That’s why I thank those who pushed me to do this. In the first nomination in 1991 I knew no one, and now I know half the hall.

10:47 p.m. – Giovanna Raleigh, Lifetime Achievement Award: I loved the character the greats created for me

Giovanna Raleigh earned a Lifetime Achievement Award, 70 years of a career, which started right in Cinecitt: when she showed up at the age of 13 and ate a sandwich sitting on the stairs, the now 87-year-old actress recalled. For her, directors and screenwriters created that character of an impulsive and somewhat boisterous Romanian girl that gave her her popularity. And in his speech is also a declaration of love for Rome, the city we love despite all its problems.

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10:40 PM – David Photography Ex-aequo: Daria D’Antonio and Michele Attanasio for Freak Out

For photography comes Ex-aequo: Daria D’Antonio for being the Hand of God and Michelle Atanasio for Freak Out

10:34 PM – Greetings to Monica Vitti

And after the award was handed to a 17-year-old from the academy, by chance, the tribute to Monica Viti, who passed away this year at the age of 90, began with a video in which the Romanian actress recalls how she died as a child. In front of the Film Academy: I saw these guys laughing and screaming and throwing themselves on the floor. They seemed crazy. But insanely happy. A standing ovation for Vitti and then Drusilla Senza Fine sang to Gino Paolo while portraits of the show’s characters who left us this year appeared in the background, even Catherine Plumber.

22:29 – 17-year-old Swami Rutolo, Best Leading Actress

Hugs and screams already in the audience for Swamy Rotolo, Best Leading Actress for A Chiara: First nomination, first David for this very young actress. The first to thank the Film Academy.

22:21 – Leonardo Di Costanzo and Bruno Olivero, Valia Santella the David for Best Original Screenplay

To Leonardo di Costanzo and Bruno Oliviero, Valia Santella the David for Best Original Screenplay for Aria Ferma. They too, like Laura Smani (Best New Director) didn’t make any speeches.
Di Costanzo quotes Mattarella, who said during the meeting in Quirinale that you carry the content and added: We also want to be a model for a culture of democracy and peace.

10:18 PM – Drusilla sings Talk to me about Marie’s love

I noticed that the winners all thank the family. Nice. Because the family should support the young in their choices. Drusilla sang some Parlami d’amore Mari notes by Vittorio de Sica, remembering that her father sang it in the evening to put her to sleep when she was a child.

10:15 PM – To Ursula Patzack David for the best costumes

Fourth David to original costume designer Ursula Bazak for Qui rido io. Thanks to Mario Marton, who has a solid collaborative relationship with the fashion designer and, as usual this evening, with the family.

10:04 p.m. – Ferilli, a special award: after so many years it has finally arrived

Sabrina Ferilli received the Drusilla Foer Special Career Award. The confession may be late, but it has finally arrived. Two stars of Sanremo, Carlo Conte commented who noted that Virelli and Foer were co-hosts of the Amadeus Festival. On different evenings. Too bad, the group could have worked, but they probably feared he shut down Verily. Relive the Romanian actress’s 31-year career in a video. I’ve Always Liked Change: I Made Film and Theater with Gigi Prueti and Television
Ferrelli concluded that thanks to the family that support me and they deserve a lot from David.

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22:00 – David Prize spectator for me against you

Selfie on stage and very young actors for a certain award: David Spectator for the cast of Me Against You.

21:50 – Best Supporting Actor, Eduardo Scarpetta: Dedicate it to Mario

David won first, actor Eduardo Scarpetta for his first nomination for Qui rido io. I dedicate the award to my boss, Mario Marton, who told me it was all born because he found the original manuscript of Qui la me Laughing given to him by Mario’s parents 15 years ago. The young actor said that this award is also dedicated to my father, who I lost at the age of 11 and a half, barely holding back his tears.

21:46 – Teresa Sabonangelo wins Best Supporting Actress

Teresa Sabonangelo won Best Supporting Actress for being the Hand of God. The actress, who plays the director’s mother Sorrentino in her autobiographical film, thanked everyone: We managed to excite a lot of people, I want to dedicate this award to the family who supported me, said the actress and said that her son, on the set, told her that Servillo is better than you

9:37 pm – Franceschini: We still fought for a month in the cinema with masks

The awards ceremony begins with a tribute to Ennio Morricone. Finally all together in one room, says Carlo Conte who promptly introduced the Minister of Culture Francesini. Italian cinema withstood in the desert for two years. It did not stop, but on the contrary increased production. On the crisis of cinemas in terms of the audience, the minister answered a question from Conte about why he did not expect to cancel the gags in the theater: We will remove them on June 15. We are fighting another month.

9:32pm – Carlo Conte and Drusia Foer at Sunset

A primeval curtain between Carlo Conti and Drusilla, arrived by car in Cineset, among the ruins of ancient Rome reconstructed in Roman film studios

9:28 p.m. – Red carpet: Virelli star

Finally, a red carpet. After two years of restrictions to contain the pandemic, it was preceded by the usual red carpet this evening of the David di Donatello 2022 competition: nominees, winners and guests let themselves be photographed outside the Cinecitt studios. The very famous Sabrina Ferrelli, who arrived with her husband Flavio Cattaneo, who greeted David’s special night. Here are all the pictures

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