Bertolaso ​​spreads farewells to Speranza, Greta Thunberg and NGOs: So, today …

Bertolaso ​​spreads farewells to Speranza, Greta Thunberg and NGOs: So, today …

– I don “t think so Federico Rambini Cheer up reading this great (exaggerated?) column, but your editorial today is perfect and describes (at length) what we wrote here a few days ago. US Democrats can’t claim that ‘Democracy is in danger’ Whenever people do not vote for them. to read.

– “On the southern border, where illegal immigration flows do not stop, legal immigrants vote republican Because they feel the need for order and security.” Claro?

Enrico Letta Suggest to PD ‘The left is made up of government’ It is proposed to open Our clubs are also for non-members.. Everything he writes about Republic, to be read to ordinary parishioners. Meanwhile, in the suburbs with newspapers we roll fish and do not even think about joining the sections of the Democratic Party under torture. The problem is not with the opening hours of the clubs but with the subjects. In this regard, the Democratic Party has stood idly by since Renzi’s time.

– In yesterday’s derby, a perfect title for Corriere della Sera: “The Lazio does little, and Rome Nothing.” Horrid Game.

– But I wonder if they are there or if they are. So: Today Elena Stancarelli arrives Republic A lengthy editorial accusing Salvini of using the word “drugs” or “drug addicts” when referring to children who crazy party They get dizzy. “These substances go in and out of streams that make them prohibited or legal, depending on the zeitgeist or simply on convenience. Saying ‘drugs’ is like using the term murder for both those who strangle their wives and those who crush a mosquito against a wall. True, there are two lives. But that not the same thing”. The idea would be to “make Muharram” Word “medicine‘, using different terms. As if changing the lexicon changed the essence. The usual gradual obsession with making reality less blunt through syntactic structure: the environmental worker would be more elegant than the sweeper, but still collect garbage.

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– Fabulous ‘he is What does the Democratic Party think of its nomination? Carlo Cottarelli In Lombardy, the newly elected senator who lost in Cremona by 25 percentage points against Daniela Santanche. like to lose. And you lose hard.

– conspiracy PD In short: if Bonaccini won, Renzismo would have won; If Eli Schlein won, she would have won one from outside the Democratic Party; Anyway, he is likely to win the struggle for progressive voters Giuseppe Conte. The result: the Democratic Party is still dead.

– in Egypt for policeman 27 As for the climate, they celebrate another (useless) summit on climate by lighting the Chefren Pyramid with LED toys. All while consuming energy at a glance, which I don’t think benefits the climate.

printing Today writes a piece to say that flat tax It pays freelancers to not pay taxes. Or rather an entry declaration below the 65k threshold to stay in the subsidized tax system. My text: “Based on the first data for 2020, there are indications of an opposite trend: in fact, the tendency to evade self-employed workers and companies is increasing. The first jumped from 68 to 68.7%.” Balzano, you understand? Will there be a 0.7% jump?

– Well anyway: you know what’s the best way to avoid a phenomenon “Under the billsSimple: remove the €65,000 cap. At this point, no independent business owner will be “paid” to go black in order to stay in an accessible system. Easy read?

Bad story coming from France. a Basic The French admit to owning it Maltreatment He is 14 years old when he was just a parish priest. The tragedy is that powerful Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard is a member of the Circle for the Doctrine of the Faith, the office responsible for ecclesiastical trials of child sexual abuse. The question is: How can you live with so many years realizing the deception of the world, knowing that this does not happen with God?

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Greta Thunberg passes the stick. Probably. While Cop27 is celebrated in Egypt, the Queen of Environmental Protection claims it “We must also listen to the testimonies and experiences of the people most affected by the climate crisis”. And therefore “It’s time to pass the megaphone on to those who already have stories to tell.”. We will make a reason.

Guido BertolassoNew Lombard health advisor, throws fuel on fire of Covid inquiry commission he doesn’t like (few) Roberto Speranza. “What happened in Italy and Lombardy in March 2020 cannot and should not be forgotten. It cannot go under the radar”. still: “In addition to locking people at home, the government has done nothing else. I have seen people dying in hospitals due to a lack of oxygen. I think that is enough to motivate the reasons why a commission of inquiry is so necessary to clarify. Redefining why all this is happening in our country”. Game, group, match.

– According to Coldiretti production costs beer They reach 200%. We don’t play jokes: take me all, but not a pint.

– The PD Confirmation: will not support Moratti. At least they keep the decency consistency.

– I have to bring it back word for word. Listen Giuseppe Conte Talking about immigrants and NGOs: the government “He will soon discover that the issue of migratory flows is too complex and must be addressed without easy slogans or muscle displays at the expense of desperate people and families.”. still: “You will discover that arrogant nationalism leads nowhere and that all initiatives in this field must be formulated in a dimension of European solidarity.”. And he says it, the leader of that party who invented the definition of “sea taxi” and who personally signed Salvini’s safety decrees. But be quiet sometimes, right?

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“I want to favor the idea of ​​plural, adding and not replacing the left narration with the correct narration”. applause for Gennaro Sangiuliano: “In these years – He says – The story was directed in the same direction from the cultural point of view, the politically correct dictatorship must be overcome. You can make a movie to narrate an ‘X’ event but you can also have it narrate a ‘Y’. “ Just think of recent years Rai created a fictional story about the ‘immigrant mayor’ Memo Lucano but not about Oriana Fallacci, Andrew Montanelli or Luigi Pirandello.. Give him a prize.

– but why Democratic judiciaryWho I know must deal with the judiciary, shall he issue memoranda warning the government to “immediately withdraw its decisions” to allow “all the afflicted at sea” to disembark?

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