USA, ADP: Another 571,000 people were employed in October. Beyond expectations

USA, ADP: Another 571,000 people were employed in October.  Beyond expectations

(Teleborsa) – Growth Private sector jobs in October In the United States, this is higher than the previous month and analysts’ estimates. In fact, those working in the private sector have registered a 571 thousand jobs increase, After +523 thousand of the previous month (revised number down from the initial 568 thousand). Analysts expect an increase of 400,000 units.

This is what the Automated Data Processing (ADP) report states, which publishes this report based on the total data obtained from the job market each month. Non-agricultural private sector. This report precedes the official report of the Department of Labor, which will be released next Friday, November 5, 2021.

The biggest increase is still in the service sector (+458 thousand), in particular Rest and shelter (+185 thousand) and that Professionals (+88 thousand) and Transportation (+78 thousand). Jobs in the manufacturing sector increased to 53,000 and in the construction sector to 54,000. Dimensionally, the Small Companies recorded an increase of 115 thousand jobs Average Size 114 thousand increase registration and industry Great Size with 342 thousand.

“The job market has shown Updated speed last monthFrom an average of 385,000 monthly jobs in the third quarter, nearly 5 million jobs have been created this year, ”said Nela Richardson, chief economist at ATP. The growth and profitability of the freight sector was huge, bringing back strong reading this year. Large companies triggered a strong recovery in October, marking the second consecutive month of impressive growth.

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