Benetton rugby: After Bananas in Traore, Tiger disqualified for 6 months

Benetton rugby: After Bananas in Traore, Tiger disqualified for 6 months

The Federal Court has imposed his ineligibility until June 30, 2023 for Treviso and Italrugby brace: he will also miss the Six Nations

Benetton and Italrugby prop Ivan Nemer has been disqualified by the Federal Court until 30 June 2023, following what happened at a Benetton team dinner last Christmas, which saw him implicated as the author of a “gift” in very bad taste to teammate Cherif Traore. The case dates back to December 20, when Traore finds himself in front of a rotten banana during a Secret Santa celebration among Benetton players (a custom that consists of exchanging gifts without knowing who each sent). A gesture that caused massive discontent among the players of the green and white team and the player of the national team, prompting him to tell everything on social media. The owner of the gift was not immediately revealed, and in fact it was never officially announced until today, even if the rumor had led to Evan Nemer within a day and no one ever denied it, Benetton limited itself to mentioning the player as “unavailable” in the announcements Weekly profiles.


The Italian-Argentine player, who has played 11 matches with the Azzurri national team and 41 matches with Benetton, will not take the field until the end of the season, and automatically skips the entire Six Nations tournament that begins next week. Furthermore, the ruling states that the player is actively involved in the immigrant project of the Italian Rugby Union and takes part in a training and awareness course on issues of integration into an independent structure. The athlete’s future participation in international activity will depend on the success of this path, according to FIR. After all, both World Rugby (the world federation of oval ball) and the URC (the international tournament in which Benetton plays) immediately asked to clarify the matter.

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As Nemer himself said, this exclusion will be an opportunity to think more and become a better person: “What happened does not represent me, but at the same time it should make me think about how much more needs to be done in order to change our culture, to overcome the most vulgar stereotypes.” , and getting closer to each other than what is already happening.I accept the disqualification and the reintegration process calmly but above all I trust, in the coming months and years, that I will be able to contribute my testimony to make more and more young rugby players aware of the issues that need to be addressed and understood to improve not Only our sport, but the world we live in” declared blue at the end of the federal action. “Racism has not and will not have any role in my life, just as it should not have in the life of all of us.” Nemer added: “I am deeply sorry for what happened, though The stupidity of my gesture, for the displeasure I have caused a friend, for causing damage to my team, my teammates, the country I represent and the game I love.I come from a multicultural country like Argentina, where cultures have mixed for more than a century, and have always shared the dressing room and field with Colleagues I’m in the team and friends from all over the world.”

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