Silent hero – Libero Quotidiano

Silent hero – Libero Quotidiano
Francesca Friedla

Luca Zaya It was broadcast live RTL 102.5.1 Update During non-stop news. There is also talk of Ennio Dorissponsor Mediolanum Bank who passed away at the age of 81. “I knew Enyo, I also had the opportunity to visit him in the hospital a few months ago – says President Zaya non-stop news -. A piece of history disappears, a national symbol, a gentleman, a respected person. I can also cite a thousand episodes of his stories, up to that last meeting, but I’ll tell you only one but the most important one: When covid started He called me and told me he wanted help. It has been the largest donor of equipment and protective equipment, and has also paid million euros, now we can say. Furthermore, a man of great vision, he would not have done what he did. He was a quite optimistic person, and always believed that calm would come after the rain.”

The death of Ennio Doris certainly leaves a huge void in the world of entrepreneurship. And not only. Such asforget, Ennio Doris was born in Tombolo (Padova) on July 3, 1940. “For more than 40 years – reads a note – he has been the undisputed protagonist of the great Italian finance as well as a businessman, banker and founder of Banca Mediolanum, one of the most important fact of the national banking scene also present in Spain, Germany and Ireland”.

Married since 1966 to Lina TombolatoDoris leaves her children Massimo and Sarah and her seven grandchildren: Agnesi, Alberto, Anna, Acqua, David, Luna Chiara and Sara Viola. In 1992 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Republic and the Order of the Cavalier del Lavoro in 2002. Also in 2002 he was awarded an Honorary Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from the Coa Foundation. From 2000 to 2012, Doris was the Director of Mediobanca and Banca Esperia. From 1996 CEO of Mediolanum Holdings until 2015, the year of merger through incorporation into Banca Mediolanum. Until last November 3, Doris held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banca Mediolanum, becoming the Honorary Chairman following a shareholder decision. Doris was also the honorary president of the Mediolanum Onlus Foundation.

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