Fans worried about his health –

Fans worried about his health –

While rumors of A.S Marital crisis in the Ferragnese houseThey find no denying and at the moment the couple does not even appear together at Milan Fashion Week events, Today’s rapper has caused fans concern Why did he appear very try During the live broadcast on YouTube. In fact, Fedez launched the new podcast “Wolf” dedicated to entrepreneurship, and as he spoke, he started it Bumble several timesI finally apologize to the audience: “I hope I don’t stutter like today because I’m starting to stutter unbelievably,” he said.

Whether it is a fileMomentary shaking, From tiredness, stress, or noting that something is really wrong with this period, many fans who started on social media commenting on the video, expressing their closeness to it, wondered: “This makes me so tender,” “This video makes me want.” In giving him a strong hug and telling him everything will be alright”, some message “Federico you are amazing, come on”, while other users note that stuttering has also occurred in his recent stories. He advised him to take a break.

It will also be due to the need to rest after Sanremo and All differences What followed that the rapper radically interrupted his social activity? The truth is that in addition to not appearing with Chiara Ferragni or their children, he has not yet been around his wife Not even in worldly events From Fashion Week: Chiara Ferragni was without him yesterday in a major event that saw her as a testament and also in today’s fashion shows, in which the couple often participated together.

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