Benedetta Parodi, do you remember how it felt when you were very young? real stunner | An unedited image appears

Benedetta Parodi, do you remember how it felt when you were very young?  real stunner |  An unedited image appears
Benedetta Parodi today – ifood

For years, Benedetta Parodi has entered our homes straight from her kitchen. But if today we know her that way, pretty and smiling, do you know what she was like when she was young?

Benedetta Parodi She is a food blogger, journalist, writer, presenter, and in recent years has even become a radio speaker. Hundreds of recipes drained over the years from his kitchen made their first appearances on television, and were very popular Homemade by Benedetta, And on social media today.

Profile Aunt Benny It’s hugely popular, and the cute chef’s recipes remain among the most searched-for on the internet. Simple dishes but often with a huge impact, they have made them appreciated first by viewers and then by netizens.

After all, A.S WomanD His passion for cooking was born in conjunction with his love for it Fabio Carissa: “I liked the idea that when we came home in the evening there was something good we could share at the table. From that moment on I started studying and learning simple yet effective dishes.”

But many of her fans also love her naturalness, her innate detachment, and her look that is always taken care of and never out of place without overdoing the makeup or clothing. But if we know her like this today, have you ever seen her as a little girl?

Benedita Parodi as a young woman: Unrecognizable

Benedetta Parodi He is with his sweetheart Fabio Carissa Since 1997. The two met respectively at the age of 25 and 29 and have three children, namely matilda, She was born on September 5, 2002, eleanor, He was born on October 20, 2004 e Diego Born July 21, 2009.

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Today we admire her for her elegance and sophistication, but how much has her appearance changed compared to when she was younger? Not everyone probably knows that the food blogger got her start as a journalist at Studio Aperto, a role she gradually gave up to devote herself to her passion for cooking.

Benedita Parodi Teen - ifood
Very young and unsurpassed Benedetta Parodi – ifood

The unedited photo

The photo shows a very young girl Benedetta Parodi quickly on the Internet. The woman is sitting by the pool and wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Long hair, fresh air, the same beauty of the day, slender body and long limbs. But how to keep in shape after 3 pregnancies?

admitted to trust: “I never crash diet. Also because when I feel a little heavy, I can prepare recipes that are light but appetizing. For example, one plate with a little pasta, topped with three or four vegetables that I cook in different ways: boiled, gratin or sautéed “.

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