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currently Alicia Mancini Fine. Luckily. The silence was broken immediately after the news of the surgery. On social media, she was a showgirl, a former tissue of stripping newsAnswers fan questions. He says, “I had uterine myoma, a benign tumor It becomes very large like a meatball. I had to take it off because it hurts so much. He was in a critical condition.”

It appears that this tumor was placed in a place that required the intervention of doctors with a wound unlike other patients who, on the other hand, undergo laparoscopic removal. Alicia Mancini is married to Flavio MontrucchioWho has been taking care of the house and children during these days.

Alessia, always on social media, reassures all her fans by saying that she is definitely better. He takes the opportunity to tell everyone how important prevention is. “Please take care of yourself…always”, with the hashtag #block and add it # passerby,” he wrote on social media.

An extremely strong relationship made of complicity has never been lost between Alicia and Flavio. For example, Flavio Montrucchio posted a great video, filmed immediately after the operation with a surgical mask, gown and cap, taking into account the metrics anti Covid. “Look, they’ve already operated on. Are you the surgeon?” Mancini says, and her husband replies, “But to see you, can I come like this?” Mancini then commented, “Are you OK even this? Road.” A gag that does not slip away from the lovers of the couple.

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