The real quality, reliability and also problems of Hyundai cars are becoming more and more interesting

The real quality, reliability and also problems of Hyundai cars are becoming more and more interesting

The actual reliability of Hyundai car It may vary depending on the model and year of production. Over time, Hyundai has made significant breakthroughs in terms of Quality and reliability, and obtain a prestigious position in the automotive industry. But as with any car brand, substantial differences can emerge between different models and series productions. Let’s evaluate:

  • Hyundai cars what is the real reliability
  • What are the problems of Hyundai cars

Hyundai cars what is the real reliability

to evaluateHyundai reliability We also cited consumer reliability reports, owner reviews, and data from auto rating organizations. Some independent organizations, such as Consumer Reports and JD Power, regularly conduct customer satisfaction and vehicle quality surveys, giving you a better idea of ​​the reliability of specific models and years of manufacture.

In general, Hyundai vehicles have proven to be reliable over the years, and the automaker often offers long-term warranties to confirm confidence in the quality of their vehicles. But since The automotive sector is constantly evolvingIt’s always a good practice to do up-to-date research before making a purchase, to ensure that the specific model you’re considering has a good reputation for reliability.

every year, JD strength Develops a reliability rating for the most popular car models in the United States. This analysis is based on vehicles owned in the past 3 years and the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles over the past 12 months. In this ranking, Hyundai is in third place, demonstrating excellent reliability and positioning itself as one of the safest and most constantly growing brands.

also post consumption Conducted research on the most reliable cars with the participation of 52,000 European motorists. In the search, oriental brands performed particularly well, and luxury brands proved to be the most reliable. Collect the reference data provided by consumers, such as the age of the cars, the number of kilometers traveled, and the severity of the faults, to establish a table of the reliability score for different brands of cars divided by the type of vehicle, such as city cars, family cars, and SUVs. The Hyundai brand is one of the most reliable in the city car segment, as it has managed to overtake other, more well-known brands.

TÜV South, a certification, inspection and testing body in Germany, carries out periodic inspections of vehicles in its workshops. With data collected during inspections of approximately 8.75 million vehicles, the organization prepares an annual report and charts the most reliable and least reliable vehicle ratings, and identifies the most common defects for dozens of vehicle models. Hyundai i30 It is among the top 10 cars in the reliability report by TÜV Sud and is one of the recommended cars on the market.

the The best cars in its class according to Euro Ncap They are those with the best scores compared to competitors tested during the same calendar year. This is due to the fact that test criteria change from year to year, and therefore Euro Ncap can only compare cars that undergo the same types of tests in order to obtain objective comparisons. Hyundai Ioniq 6 It was particularly praised for its performance in crash tests and safety trials for the assistance systems. Euro Ncap calculates the weighted sum of the results in the four assessment areas: adult occupants, child occupants, road users at risk and safety assistance systems. Best-in-class is selected based on its rating using standard safety equipment, excluding bonus points due to optional accessories.

What are the problems of Hyundai cars

According to research by JD Power, i The most common problems reported Car owners no longer revolve so much around mechanical issues, which are decreasing in frequency, but rather those related to electronics and technological features. In particular, the infotainment system is responsible for more than 50% of reports for every 100 faults found. It should be noted that many of these problems are minor in nature, and increasingly, cars are being equipped with automatic over-the-air updates to fix any bugs or malfunctions.

According to Altroconsumo, the main problems faced by consumers relate to The electrical part of vehiclesNext comes the braking system, and then in third place are problems with engine combustion. During the analysis, consumers were asked how often per year they take their car to the mechanic and the main reasons and associated costs. Based on this information, a rating has been drawn up that determines the average cost of maintenance for different brands of cars.

TÜV Sud has conducted an investigation into the most common defects found during vehicle inspections. After the first review, i More related problems It’s about headlights, which can dim in 1.6% of cars or cause other complications, such as inaccurate adjustments in the light beam, in 1.3% of cases.

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