Belén Rodriguez, photos with Elio are a marketing strategy: that’s why

Belén Rodriguez, photos with Elio are a marketing strategy: that’s why

It looks like Belén Rodriguez made a really clever move. In the past few hours, it seems that the showgirl has finally decided to go out with her new partner, Elio Lorenzoni. Then, on her Instagram profile, Belen posted photos with Elio: black and white circular and somewhat saccharine, that even the most naive immediately thought of taking revenge on Stefano Di Martino.

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But that’s not the case, and indeed this time Rodriguez seems to have given it some thought, since the post with Elio would serve as a targeted strategy to promote her new collection of clothes. For this reason, the people of the web were divided after Beilin’s publication, between those who support it and those who strongly criticize it, although this time a lot of disapproval of this step was added to the usual words, as we read “Al-Jarida”. After making the story official with the Lombard businessman, Belen wanted to ride the wave of popularity with the release of the new Henominat collection: a clever move, not at all accidental, well considered by the showgirl, who ended up in the middle of another controversy.

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In addition, it was the brand itself that lost and ended up being the target of hate from netizens. In fact, in the past few hours, the commercial account of “Hinnominate”, which currently has more than 130,000 followers, has been the victim of negative comments, and may have also lost some customers due to Beilin’s clever move. “I don’t buy anymore,” one user wrote, and again: “Now this brand must be respected by Cecilia, the wonderful girl of singular earnestness, the 7-year-old always with her Ignazio, the good Chicho.” He was so awake and made his final verdict on the facts: Belen’s move was wrong and in bad taste. We’ll see how things develop.

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