Gittin’s story shocked Kele Wilmaz

Gittin’s story shocked Kele Wilmaz

A sneak peek of the Terra Amara plot for the episode that will air Sunday, July 9 at approximately 2:30pm on Canale 5.

time earth will be back Tomorrow, Sunday, July 9, 2023At about 2:30 in the afternoon Channel 5, with three new episodes. This TV series, set in Turkey in the 1970s, was broadcast on ATV from 2018 to 2022 under the title Bir Zamanlar Çukurova – Cukurova Once Upon a Time. The story of Zuleiha, the heroine of the series, is also available on Mediaset InfinityAll episodes of the series that have aired so far have been published.

Before tomorrow’s plot previews are revealed, let’s quickly recap the Friday, July 7th episode.

Terra Amara: Recap for the July 7th episode

Zeleha allows Yilmaz to meet her son, Adnan, and they plan a future together. Yilmaz, back home, accuses Mojgan of trying to kill Zeliha.

Tira Amara: Preview July 9: Fekili defends Mojgan

Yilmaz wants to divorce Mojgan, he is sure that Zeliha told the truth: his wife tried to kill her. Again, Fekili stands up for Mojgan and tries to convince Yilmaz that Mojgan will never try to kill Zeliha.

In the next episode of Terra Amara Cetin it is revealed…

Cetin witnesses an unusual event and rushes to report it, the boy tells Fekili Yilmaz that Hunkar, to protect Zeliha and the children, has prevented Demir from entering the villa.

At Tira Peter on July 9, Demir confides in Sevda

Demir, after being kicked out of the house by his mother, who defended Zeliha and little Adnan and Leila, runs to the house of Sevda, his late father’s lover, and tells her that Henker did not allow him to enter the villa, threatening him. with a gun.

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In the 9th of July building, Zuleiha talks with Hanker

Zeleha was impressed by Hunker’s gesture, and the woman did not hesitate to threaten her son, Demir, to defend Zeleha and the children. At this point, the former tailor decides to forgive Henker, despite the harm he has done to her

A mysterious car alerts Cetin in Bitter Land on Sunday

Cetin Fekili reported that he noticed a suspicious car registered in Istanbul and driven by an unknown person. Cetin finds out where the man is staying and they go to him with Fekeli. Fakili, he will discover that he is the son of his brother Fikret.

In the next episode of Terra Amara, Demir’s revelation shocks Hunkar

At Sabahattin’s wedding, Demir arrives with Sevda. Sermin, who is at the scene, goes to inform Hunkar, who runs to the party. Taking the floor, Demir announced that Sevda was his father’s lover and that she was his second mother. Hunkar looks on in amazement.

In the clip uploaded by Mediaset InfinityMojcan defends himself against Yilmaz’s accusations

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