Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, US “Announces Diplomatic Boycott” –

From Alessandro Fuloni

This was published by the CNN website. Biden management’s results will be officially announced this week: None of the U.S. executives will be in the Games scheduled for February 4-20

At least for now a mild neglect. LThe Biden administration is expected to announce this week No U.S. executive will attend the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Thus the diplomatic boycott of the Games was implemented.
Reports Cnn Citing several sources.

This move will make it possible to send on the world stage A message to China on human rights, without barring American athletes from participating in the sporting event 2022 will take place from 4 to 20 February They will follow it 2022 March 4 to 13 Paralympics. There will be 109 tournaments divided into 15 categories for seven sports: biathlon, popsley, curling, ice hockey, sledding, skating and skiing.

Last month, President Joe Biden told reporters – Re-report Cnn – Democrats and Republicans, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, weigh in on the diplomatic boycott. They called for strong protests against human rights abuses in China. Therefore, a complete boycott is not expected, which means American athletes can compete.

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