“The corrupt independence issue is over, zero euros!”

“The corrupt independence issue is over, zero euros!”

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz AyusoHe spoke this Saturday for the first time after the award, which was criticized by Argentine President Javier Miley, which he did Referring to independence, which put him on target. The popular leader did not miss the opportunity to attack Catalonia with a message full of blame Financing forgiveness Demanded from the Catalan parties and even from Catalan embassies. “I finish The corrupt actions of independenceZero euros!” shouted Ayuso, who used this argument to defend his relationship with Miley, at the same time as he criticized the Spanish government for criticizing the president’s extremist reception.

Specifically, Ayuso justified the award of Maile by saying that he did not see “the President of Argentina insulting Spain or the King”, but on the other hand, he saw “half the Spanish government doing it”. “Yes, I have seen it with other dictators and populists in America, yes I have seen it with them. But, in addition to that, There are Catalan embassies paid for by all Spaniards. If it can be preserved with the money and effort of the entire Spanish working class People who are destroying Catalonia“This one wants to steal more from us, and is committed to insulting Spain all over the world. Why can’t we maintain fraternal relations with Argentina,” asked the president from Madrid, regarding the involvement of Catalonia and independence in the conflict initiated by the Medal for Milli.

Ayuso, regarding amnesty

During this event held to commemorate the first year of the Popular Government in Madrid, Ayuso He referred to amnesty He asked whether the Spanish government wanted to “erase 12 years of crimes against those who embezzled and stole and who disobeyed the will of the people of Catalonia.” In this context, he defended the work done by the judges, whom he described as “brave” because they “endured being persecuted, discredited and discredited by their surroundings, by saying that it is still necessary to continue to rule accordingly.” to what crimes.” “When the government decides what is a crime and what is not depends on who commits it, This is called Chavismo. “This is why Sanchezmo is Chavismo, and we are moving in the same direction,” the popular leader added.

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But the criticism of the Socialist Workers’ Party and the Independence Party did not end there. The Madrid president also accused Pedro Sanchez’s government of being “disloyal” for allowing this Opening of Catalan government embassies All over the world, which, according to Ayuso, is financed with the money of “all Spaniards” to receive representatives “with the Bolivarian Republics that insult the Spaniards, the King and our nation.”

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