Because Russia and Ukraine protect it –

Because Russia and Ukraine protect it –
to Marco Amarisio

The billionaire’s role as a “translator” is still unclear. Peskov denies Koleba poisoned negotiators: Do not eat or drink

Do everything is fine. At least it seems so. Roman Abramovich Appears early in the morning in the hall Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul for an interview with President Recep Tayyip ErdoganIn which Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu will participate. Not quite the so-called isolated position. Because the interlocutors are the two men who lasted for weeks This attempt to mediate. at a certain point, To the Russian oligarchy Even a smile slips away from him, a rare occurrence that has nothing to do with football issues.

And the Russian Agency was the first to report the news of his presence RIA NovostiAdministrator’s voice. It’s almost a way of emphasizing the Kremlin’s closeness to what remains a reliable person. There is no point in looking for signs Alleged poisoning on the face of the businessman, Mysterious and hidden as ever. When the talks begin, Turkish television puts him seated at a side table, bent on listening to simultaneous interpretation, accompanied by Ibrahim Kalihan, Erdogan’s press official.

Dmitry Peskov, who is the voice of Vladimir Putin, has Describe the poisoning attempt as a ‘false’, describing it as a typical wartime information stunt. Perhaps so, even if the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made sure to warn his negotiators sitting at the table with his Russian counterpart not to drink or eat with them.. “If possible, also avoid touching any surface,” he said. And it doesn’t seem like a joke.

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Whether it was fact or simple propaganda, both Moscow and Kiev denied its existence, the attack in which Abramovich was allegedly his victim along with three other Ukrainian delegates lit a beacon on his character, even more mysterious than usual. And about his role in the negotiations, which everyone looks at with great concern.

The Ukrainian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Vadim Prystaiko, distanced himself sharply, as if he were Fifth.
Olodymyr Zelensky himself to ask his participation It was a small detail. He told the BBC that he was not among us. “I have no idea what he’s doing or what he’s claiming, but I know he’s not part of the delegations that were called to negotiate.” also Peskov for the first time explained the existence of the oligarchy, With words that leave open every possible interpretation. “He pledged to ensure some contacts between the Russian and Ukrainian sides. He is not an official member of the delegation. However, he is also present at our side in Istanbul.”

The son of Abramovich is not suitable for everyone, this is the truth. Russia and Ukraine protect him by downplaying his presence, as he serves both governments. Today, and perhaps even in the post-war future. Gleb Pavlosky, who until 2011 was Putin’s political advisor and knows the Russian billionaire wellHe claims to be a translator. “At this point, it seems to me that he is the only one able to filter the adverts to translate them into diplomatic language and thus into concrete proposals.” One thing is for sure, the Abramovich mystery will keep us company for a long time to come. Maybe not necessarily bad.

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