War in Ukraine, live news: Kyiv and Putin want Donbass by July 1. Severodonetsk is close to giving up – the world

War in Ukraine, live news: Kyiv and Putin want Donbass by July 1.  Severodonetsk is close to giving up – the world

“Take Donbass in a month.” While Severodonetsk is becoming more and more tightly controlled by the Russians, who now control most of the city and where the Azot chemical plant has also been exposed, Vladimir Putin’s order comes categorically to advance the advance of his troops, more and more determined. Control of the entire Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The command sent by the Kremlin, revealed by Ukrainian 007, once again clarifies the current strategic priorities of the offensive, which after almost a hundred days appear at a turning point: the occupation of the lands from which it all began, with the recognition of part of the separatist republics in Moscow on the eve of the conflict , could make the Russian President declare the mission accomplished, which would persuade him to finally come to the negotiating table to end the hostilities. In Severodonetsk, progress now seems unstoppable. Governor Sehiy Gaidai admitted that “most” of the city is now in enemy hands, after another day of fierce street fighting, explaining that 90% of private buildings have been destroyed or damaged. “The focus of the clash,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was quoted by the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda as saying in a video speech on social media.

Europe reaches agreement on ban – L’European Union reach agreement onthe ban Russian oil, part of the sixth package of sanctions against He flies for war in Ukraine Which will end tomorrow by the ambassadors of the 27 in Brussels: an immediate halt to crude oil arriving from Russia to the European Union by sea, rather than a postponement of the pipeline gas embargo. It is expected that “emergency measures” will be adopted in the event of a supply interruption. The Patriarch Kirill. And the Verkhovna Rada, the Verkhovna Rada, voted to impose sanctions on Kirill. We have the details of the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia over this war. The main elements of the package are already clear and above all its direction. European countries decided to significantly reduce oil imports from Russia. I am grateful to all who worked to reach this agreement. “And so the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in his usual evening video address, broadcast on Telegram.” The practical result is tens of billions of euros less, which Russia will no longer be able to use to finance terrorism.”

High Representative for European Union Policy Josep Borel: “A historic decision, Moscow will be forced to reduce the price of oil”

food crisis – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He will be in Turkey on June 8 to “discuss safe passages” for the transport of grain from Ukraine. Turkey announces it. European Heads of State and Government meeting in Brussels adopted the outcomes of the summit on food security with an appeal to Russia to end attacks on Ukraine’s transport infrastructure, lift the blockade of Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea and allow food exports. African Union President Macky Sall will call Vladimir Putin to express his “concern” about the food crisis. Reportedly, Sall himself said this during his speech at the European Council. The European Council is ready to provide $9 billion for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Zelensky to the European Union: ‘Enough disputes, sanctions agreed’

field situation – first line of defense Kyiv To counter a possible new attack by the Russians. This was reported by the Kyiv Military Department on Telegram, UNIAN reports. Russia announced that it had destroyed a Ukrainian position “where the Nationalists had installed artillery sent from Italy”. However, defense sources deny this. Russian forces control “most” Severodonetsk. A nitric acid tank at a chemical plant has come under Russian bombardment in Severodonetsk, the besieged city in eastern Ukraine’s Lugansk region. Governor Serhi Gaidai reported this on Telegram. He stressed that “nitric acid is dangerous if it is inhaled and swallowed and if it comes in contact with the skin.” The Norwegian Refugee Council stated that it is up to 12,000 civilians They are still trapped and need help in the eastern city. And pro-Russians declare that the civilian ships in Mariupol “are now our fleet.” Biden Meanwhile, he denied that the United States would send missile systems to Kyiv that could reach Russian territory. “We are particularly concerned about Russia’s moves to wrest Ukraine’s sovereignty, especially in the Kherson region.” US State Department spokesman Ned Price told a news briefing that the Kremlin’s initial goal of “invading Ukrainian territory is a complete failure”.

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Azovstal wives founded the “Council of Women of Steel”

What is the European agreement on oil embargo

The case in SEVERODONETSK and MARIUPOL – The Norwegian Refugee Council said up to 12,000 civilians remain trapped and need help in the eastern city of Severodonetsk, where Russian forces are advancing and fighting is taking place in the streets. “I am appalled to see Severodonetsk, the thriving city where we had our headquarters, become the epicenter of another chapter in the brutal war in Ukraine,” said Jan Egeland, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

After an evacuation vehicle was blown up near Lyschansk, in which a French journalist was killed and several people were injured, the evacuation from the Lugansk region was stopped.

Mariupol is in the supplement stage – The annexation of Mariupol by the Russians has entered an active stage: the procedure for accepting documents for obtaining Union passports has begun. This was announced by the advisor to the legitimate mayor of the occupied Ukrainian city Petro Andryushenko, citing Okranska Pravda. “In order to obtain documents, residents of Mariupol must first obtain a certificate of registration in Donetsk, and then submit documents for a passport in Novoazovsk to the so-called migration service. Given the state of contact with Donetsk, this is problematic. But we can say that the inclusion of Russia’s Mariupol has moved to the next stage of implementation.”Some ships from the port of Mariupol will become part of the merchant fleet of the (self-proclaimed and pro-Russian) Donetsk People’s Republic. This was announced by the President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Denis Pushlin, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported. “Some of the ships that were in port when the special operation began will be transferred to the authority of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Decisions have already been made. These ships will be renamed,” Pushlin said. In this way, the Donetsk People’s Republic will be able to form its own merchant fleet. ”

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The first cargo ship left from Mariupol – The first cargo ship, after two months of the war blockade, left the port of Mariupol with a cargo of metal on board. This was stated by the press service of the Russian Southern Military District, citing TASS. It was the first ship to enter port after the end of the fighting in Mariupol. “The ship has left the port,” the press office said.

Ukraine, the first merchant ship to leave Mariupol since the city fell

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