The war against Russia and Ukraine is changing its goals –

The war against Russia and Ukraine is changing its goals –
from Andrea Marinelli

Kyiv could consider restoring the territories that ended up under the control of Moscow since 2015, as explained by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, also in response to Macron: Three months ago, this country did not even have the prospect of becoming a member of the European Union.

The concept of victory for Ukraine is developing. What is it explained? Interview to me financial times This was stated by Kyiv Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba War objectives are being updated. If at first the goal of the Ukrainian resistance was to preserve the lands it controlled before February 24, now – with the progress of Putin’s soldiers stopped – Zelensky’s government could legitimately consider restoring even those who ended up under Moscow’s control as of 2015, namely, Crimea and Donbass. What we imagine as a victory is a sophisticated idea, Kuleba told the London newspaper. In the first months of the war, it will be the withdrawal of Russian troops from the positions they occupied before February 24, as well as the payment of war expenses. Now, however, if we are strong enough on the military front, and if we win the Battle of Donbass – which will be decisive for the dynamics of the conflict – surely, Victory for us is the liberation of the rest of our lands.

Single The minister explained that the defeat of Russia will allow Ukraine to reopen the ports on the Black Sea and the resumption of exports, which are essential to the country’s economic survival. To stop the Russian war machine, it is necessary to withdraw gas and oil revenues from Moscow and, at the same time, improve the timing and sustainability of Western supplies. If the battle rages on today and the drones and guns arrive tomorrow, it won’t go anywhereKoleba explained. He said that if we received more military support, we would be able to drive them out of the Kherson region – in the south of the country – and defeat the Black Sea Fleet and open the way, while recognizing that the bloodshed could be very great. . , This Kyiv can be pressured to reach an agreement. However, for this deal, he wants to get there with the best cards possible.

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Ukrainian resistance, Kuleba argues, Already managed to score a victory, bringing the United States and the European Union closer together When authoritarian regimes were on the offensive. In response to the French president, he said he now hoped Ukraine could gain EU candidate country status by June. Emmanuel Macron, who said only yesterday that it will take several years for Kyiv to be able to join the union. Koleba answered three months ago, this country did not even have the prospect of becoming a member. Now they are discussing how long it will take. While repeating his support for Kiev, the French leader – the current head of the European Union – suggested A European political community of countries that share the values ​​of the Union but cannot yet be part of it, such as Ukraine. Koleba explained that once we have the case, we’ll sit down and solve all the other issues: how, when, and everything else.

The concept of great and flexible victory, as well as the concept of Russian defeat. The White House has made it clear that we believe Ukraine must decide what it considers a success Washington Post Who asked for the American definition of victory, especially given that The United States is investing tens of billions of dollars to help KyivAnd they were released on Mondays only Lend and lease action to speed up supplies. We are focused on helping Ukraine as much as possible on the battlefield, to allow it to have as much power as possible at the negotiating table. Both Zelensky and his ambassador to Washington Oksana Markarova reiterated that the purpose of Obtaining the withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukrainebut this would require additional time—which is unlikely, he notes mail – Privileges from Moscow.

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I was elected president of Ukraine, not a miniature of UkraineZelensky said in a speech at London’s Chatham House on Friday. What is important is the victory of Ukraine, and by victory I mean something that belongs to us. He added that serious negotiations can only begin after Moscow withdraws all its forces, or that they will be expelled from the lands they occupied since the beginning of the invasion: the refugees will then have to return, Ukraine will have to be accepted into the European Union and Russian military leaders will have to be tried for war crimes. These points were made clear by a European diplomat who conveyed them mailform the basis of Kyiv’s requests: The Ukrainian people will not be willing to accept anything.

On the other hand, Washington and London seem to be To clarify the meaning of the Ukrainian victory from the beginning, but above all the meaning of the Russian defeat. During his trip to Poland, Biden claimed that Putin – a butcher – could not stay in power, although his words were soon belittled by the White House, while Boris Johnson called for Moscow to be defeated The British defense considered the attacks carried out by the Ukrainians on Russian soil legitimate. After investing billions – and increasing supplies as resistance to Putin’s forces – the Allies believe Russian forces are a cancerous mass, in the words of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, that must be expelled from Ukrainian soil. Monday in Strasbourg, for, Macron urged – once the war is over – not to give in to the temptation to humiliate The spirit of revenge from Russia.

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