Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varese and their attempt to get to know each other better – Big Brother 2023

Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varese and their attempt to get to know each other better – Big Brother 2023

Thanks to the short film Romeo and Juliet, Maximilian And Beatrice They begin to reconnect and forget old grudges.

Once they wake up, the two spend time together discussing their love experiences inside and outside the home.

“Thank you for these three days.” The actor begins. “Let’s get to know each other. We haven’t met.” He adds: He is keen to deepen their friendship.

Recently, humans have been thinking their way. He and Beatrice lived very similar, almost parallel, stories. Even abroad, Massimiliano realizes that he has left a delicate situation. Despite his separation from his partner, he feels as if he is still in touch with her, which makes him doubt his role.

Beatrice does not suffer from the same confusion. She feels a strong sense of gratitude towards her ex-husband for giving her two wonderful sons. She considers him very close and knows that they will always be there for each other, but the magic of love is lost now.

Since entering the house, the woman has regained her wildest side. She felt free even though she realized that she had diminished some aspects.

Massimiliano presses her with questions, he wants to get to know her better and relieve the tension arising between them. He really feels like something has changed, and now he feels more like being in his company.

“I’m unpredictable“But in her unpredictability there is neither malice nor strategy,” says Beatrice amused.

They move on to talk about it Joseph And the relationship that the actress built with him. It was as if she was a mother with her child. He’s put him through a lot, but that’s enough.

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Beyond the understandable confusion, the boy made some important statements that spoke volumes about him as a person. He’s not the good guy I imagined.

Massimiliano indicated to her that Giuseppe was looking for his forgiveness.

Beatrice, on this point, is cruel. Although she can also forgive him intimately, she does not wish to do so openly for a moral reason. He doesn’t want the wrong message to get across.

She realized that she had been unwise, that she had given herself up to love in a rash way. Maybe kids are right when they are careful. You can’t allow yourself to go with someone you don’t know well because you risk exposing him. The unmasked man is capable of anything.

If Giuseppe leaves home she will feel very sorry, but she realizes that the boy must shoulder his responsibilities.

He reiterates that he cannot forgive him: When you realize your dishonesty, you must have the strength and dignity to close it once and for all.

Once the conversation is over, Massimiliano leaves satisfied. Maybe it really is the dawn of a new friendship.

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