BCN adds another record rent increase: €1,171 per month

BCN adds another record rent increase: €1,171 per month

Housing rental prices in Barcelona continue to rise to the point of breaking records, reaching €1,171.3 as the average income of contracts signed and registered with Incasòl in the third quarter of 2023. This body also points to the latest balance published yesterday, a further decline in the volume of new contracts. (8,934 only), which reaches its lowest level, down 15% in a year, as a result of the dwindling rental stock in the Catalan capital.

Prices in the third quarter in Barcelona represent an average increase of about 48 euros, compared to 1,123 euros in the second quarter of the year. The quarterly increase amounts to 4.2%, while it represents 9.8% more than last year, according to official X-rays that allow the composition of the sediments deposited at the Catalan Soil Institute (Incasòl).

The areas where rents rose the most between July and September are Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (7.4% quarterly, reaching €1,668 on average) and Les Corts (7.1%), which also lead the annual increases, above. 11%. The ones that grew the least in the quarter analyzed were Saints-Montjuïc (0.2%, 1,027.6 euros), as well as Horta-Guinardeau, Neu-Paris and L'Eixample (1,292.6 euros per month), just above 1%.

With the latest data, the cheapest apartments were signed in the Nou Paris area at an average of €804.8 per month, followed by Horta-Guinardo at €922. Saint Andrew (€940) closes the meager share below the €1,000 mark. The remainder, a total of seven districts, exceeds it after correlating the increases throughout the year. In this way, the price per square meter sets another record in the Catalan capital, 16.22 euros and an increase of 8.7% in one year.

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In the Barcelona area, the average is 991 euros per month.

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