February 9, 2023

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The United States of America, in the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​even the Americans lined up to enlist in the International Legion

Russian invasion in Ukraine It drives many American citizens to enlist in support of the international army to support Kyiv against Moscow. This is whatlinked Journalism It documents how in recent days the country’s embassy in Washington has turned into a kind of volunteer recruitment center. The Ukrainian military attache, the general, told the Palestinian Authority: “They have a strong conviction that this is an unjust and unmotivated war. They think they should leave and go for help.” Boris Kremenitsky.

Although the US government advises its citizens not to go to fight in Europe, due to potential legal implications and security risks, since February 24 the embassy has already collected 6000 requests for information for potential recruitment, the “largest part” – explains Kremenitsky who oversees the nominations – of citizens Americans.

Half of the potential volunteers were rejected – the PA says – almost immediately, and they didn’t win the interview via Zoom. Profiles without military experience, military past, or age inconsistent with enlistment. A 16-year-old and a 73-year-old man also presented themselves among the nominees.

At the moment, about 100 US citizens have made the selection. These include Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with military experience as helicopter pilots. The volunteers would arrive in Poland by their own means, and once at the border, they would be supplied with weapons to fight. At the same time, the PA stated that they would be required to sign a contract certifying their service, without pay, to join the International Corps. According to the Kyiv government, 20,000 fighters have already joined the Volunteer Army from all over the world.

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