From Thailand to the USA: All the victims (and hostages) of the war in Israel

From Thailand to the USA: All the victims (and hostages) of the war in Israel

War broke out in Israel It indirectly involved the entire international community. Victims who fell as a result of the attack agitation In fact, they come from all continents: from Europe to Asia via Latin America. The same goes for hostages. We are facing a global crisis, as dozens of governments are committed to tracking down their citizens on Israeli soil. Many of them have been identified and rescued, and others are still missing. Even now, with 18 people killed and 11 hostages taken, Thailand holds a sad record of deaths among foreigners. As for Europe, France is the most affected country, with 8 dead and 20 missing.

Conditions of victims and missing persons

We talked about Thailand. Well, it appears that 18 Thais died on Israeli soil in unspecified circumstances that have yet to be clarified. Eight others were injured while Hamas kidnapped eleven people and apparently took them to the Gaza Strip. Remember that about 30,000 Thais work in Israel, most of them agricultural workers.

the United State At least 11 victims mourned. The missing citizens are unknown. But Joe Biden considered “Possible“Which-Which”American citizens are among the hostages held by Hamas“Also high numbers for NepalWith 10 dead and one missing. Israel was hosting about 265 Nepali students, 17 of whom resided in Kibbutz Alumim in the south, the target of the attack.

Let’s get to FranceIt announced the deaths of eight people and 20 missing people, some of whom were likely kidnapped, and the toll is likely to worsen. to’Argentina It confirmed the killing of seven citizens and the disappearance of 15 others.Russian Embassy He spoke in Tel Aviv about the killing of four Russian Israelis while carrying out the missionUkraine There are two victims.

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Nightmarish numbers

in United kingdom The families of two Britons confirmed the deaths: Nathaniel Young, 20, who was serving in the Israeli army, and was killed on the Gaza border, and Bernard Cowan, a Scot, who was killed in the attack. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated, without further explanation, that:A large number of British Israelis” He was “Involved in one way or another in terrorist atrocities“.

the Peru Two Peruvians were reported killed. Three others are missing. the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet confirmed the death of a Cambodian student. theyCanadian Department of Foreign Affairs He said he learned of the death of a Canadian and the disappearance of three others. the Brazil It confirmed the death of a Brazilian-Israeli, but did not say whether he was among the three people the government announced missing the previous day.

to Germany Among the hostages were several German citizens with dual citizenship. The Ministry did not comment on the allegations of the kidnapping of the 22-year-old German woman, Shani Luke, who was at the party and was identified by her mother in a video clip circulated on social media. the Mexican Foreign MinisterAlicia Barcena announced the kidnapping of two Mexicans. In addition to the above, official sources reported the disappearance of one or more of its citizens: the Philippines (five), Austria (three), Paraguay (two), Colombia (two), Tanzania (two), Italy (two). ), Ireland (one), and Chile (one).

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