Less distinctions and warranties against Govt-19

Americans do not want to go back to work: Reddit and Govt-19 fear at the base of the “AntiWork” movement. Workers demand more guarantees and fear contagion.

Americans no longer want to go to work and Reddit is based on the decision of millions of people in the United States, which is at the center of a sharp rise in the shares of companies such as the country’s popular social network and GameStop. Location last January, and epidemic. A large group of private investors then assembled on Reddit under the name WallStreetBets Channel was able to challenge hedge funds aimed at a downturn in stocks. Today there is protest instead, A channel with over 1.3 million subscribers This has led many to no longer want to return to the workplace. Many here help and confront each other with the intention of never returning to the office. Many people talk about business situations that led to fatigue and goodbye.

In the most severe stages of the epidemic, AntiWork tried to push the Americans Live a “full life without work”. According to Goldman Sachs, its popularity has been on the rise since September. Option to break the imbalances in the base of the movement. The salaries of CEOs are always higher, the salaries of employees are the same or they are subject to bigger cuts. The biggest differences are the daughters of multinationals: especially in Nike, Amazon and Walmart where an employee earns $ 30,877 a year in the first company, 28,875 in the second company and 24,960 in the third company. The job a CEO takes in a minute requires almost 30 hours of work for a Nike employee. This kind of imbalance makes the operation on Reddit even more perfect.

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Fear of the important Govt-19 also triggers the desire to leave the workplace. Since the outbreak in the United States, 5 million people have left the labor market. Many have reached the age limit, and many have been abandoned or removed. Fear of infection is one of the main reasons for reluctance Among workers who do not want to return to the office. Of those aged 25-50, 1.6 million preferred to wait until the vaccines were released before returning to work. According to a Goldman Sachs report, this is a decision that will have an impact on the age group of workers in the Middle Ages. Despite the fears, the idea of ​​a healthy balance between personal life and work continues at the heart of the anti-labor movement. The change imposed by the epidemic and the new balances actually led people to demand more guarantees from employers, which is why they are leaving the market for so long and waiting for work to meet their needs. In particular, office work, which found a new decline in work from home, was encouraged during the epidemic. This method of work has always been widespread in the major centers of the United States, although it has been accepted by a few companies and a few employees.

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