Bayona triumphs at Goya's revenge party where the cry “It's over” – La Mañana – echoes

Bayona triumphs at Goya's revenge party where the cry “It's over” – La Mañana – echoes

“La sociedad de la nieve,” directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, about tragedy in the Andes, swept the 38th Goya Awards with a total of twelve awards, out of the thirteen it coveted, including Best Film and Best Speech. In which all kinds of demands were heard from the Valladolid Gallery Theater, Goya “It's Over” against abuse and violence against women, but he also shouted against the “genocide” in Gaza and in favor of Spanish cinema in the face of Fox's criticism.

It's the first time a film from Bayonne has won the Goya Award for Best Picture — his fourth time as a director — and it was possible, recall the director and his producers, Belén Atienza and Sandra Hermida, thanks to Netflix, because no one put the necessary resources on the table. Bayona claimed that although it was intended for the platform and for viewers from all over the world, 450,000 viewers watched it in cinemas in Spain. The Oscar-nominated film for Best International Film received awards for Best Editing, Cinematography, Art Direction, Production Direction, Original Music, Sound, Costumes, Special Effects, Make-up and Hair Salon.

The 38th edition of Goya made clear from the beginning its commitment to victims of sexual violence and abuse of power. Many attendees carried badges referring to the war in the Middle East. Additionally, Almodovar highlighted the “obvious,” referring to the money filmmakers receive and return “in excess” through taxes, Social Security, and the creation of “thousands of jobs.”

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