What to do in and around Vicenza this weekend, from 8 to 10 September

What to do in and around Vicenza this weekend, from 8 to 10 September

A new weekend full of fun events in the Vicenza region. Below we see the events that should not be missed during. It is impossible to list them all, we have selected the most important ones, but here you will find them The complete program.

There are many typical festivals, concerts and shows, and for those of you who are looking for good food, good company and the chance to make the most of these lovely late summer evenings, here is a selection of events From September 8 to 10, 2023

Events not to be missed

  • Old Socco Gallery in Grisignano 10 kilometers of fair, 650 stands, many stalls and sheds where you can eat delicious grilled meats, sausages, chops, but also tripe and philpetti, the kids could not wait to go to the sweet stalls for American fries and chips. Spomegliites and the sweet crackers they called sagra. The demijohns of wine where you can drink as much as you want, which contributed to the celebration.
  • Made in Malaga Flavors of the plateau: markets, tastings, typical dishes, show cooking. High-altitude cheese market fair. The fruit of milk is the main theme of the two weekends that will be spent on the streets of Asiago in the name of taste, authentic flavours, with the mountain people who descend from the mountain pastures at the end of the season to bring their produce to all.
  • Gnocco Festival in Selva di Tresino 400g of handmade potato gnocchi 10 sauces to try, typical dishes, market fair of local products, musical evenings.
  • Cod Festival in Tavernelle5 days of celebration linked by a common thread to one of the main dishes of the culinary tradition of Vicenza, Bacala.
  • San Vincenzo and Fish Festival in Thenithe food showcases seafood dishes cooked by Chioggia pro loco.
  • Quail Festival in Maloonly on September 8, will be available rich foods including gurgati with ragu, fried quail legs, quail skewer, polenta and the ultimate fritala.
  • Our Lady of September Festival in Bojana Maggiore, Craft Beer Festival, a traditional event with youthful music, dance and famous typical menu.
  • Santa Libera Festival in Malo: Good food and special pie
  • Travitor FestivalFish specialties.
  • Holy Cross Festival: 3 days of celebration, music and gastronomy in Schio
  • Feast of Saint Andrea in Festa: Many culinary specialties will be produced in the Vicenza region, including grilled or fried trout and dumplings.
  • Ceramics Festival in November: Open doors to discover the secrets of the earth and the magic of an ancient art. On Saturday and Sunday, historic factories and craft workshops reveal cooking secrets, observe the transformation of clay, discover materials, and admire the work of artisans.
  • Altovecentino Museum Festival in Olero Caves: Workshops for children, a guided trip to discover the history and nature of the Brenta Canal, walk in the raft loop, visit the Ethnographic Museum of the Brenta Canal, and a boat trip along the river.
  • trip to the plateau, You can walk through and then be shown how the cheese is made, with an aperitif at the Baito Erio restaurant.
  • You play among the mountain huts at Villa Giusti: Trips and concerts
  • Land: Travel festival on the hills of Berici, from Arcognao to Mussano, from the quarry of Zovencido, to the rock house of Cengia dei Meone.
  • The magic of contemporary circus in BassanoOpening at the Parco Ragazzi del ’99, it will host two performances each day. Circus Johan Sebastian from Circo El Grito, Nova Barberia Carloni from Teatro Necesario, HE Compaña Razotera but also Mexican Humberto Jimenez Rios with El Aletrio and Frenchman Si Zec with La 8eme balle.

in the city

Vicenza went out of the galleryMany events at the center, art, crafts, culture, music and entertainment.

Antique collectibles and antique market: Sunday in the center of Vicenza, a stroll among art, postcards, ceramics, glass, prints, his-and-hers accessories, antique and modern furniture.

Frankie hi-nrg: Friday DJ set at Parco Fornaci in Vicenza, A selection of Rap/Hip-Hop and Electronic Music, they will range from famous songs to hidden underground treasures and perform some of his greatest hits!

Gigi D’Alessio In concert on September 8, for the first time in Piazza dei Signori with his “Dove c’è il Sole” tour.

Callas 100: concert on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Maria Callas.

So they are all fans of Mozart at the Teatro OlimpicoFree show on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

“Round Road. Vicenza, 1444”An exhibition bringing the wonderful machine to life.

Amusement parks in Campo Marzo For the Otto Festival, games, 56 attractions and a Ferris wheel have arrived.

A tour guide To the tiara and pectoral of Madonna Monte Berico, a story from Vicenza.

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