Final Fantasy 16, 2 gameplay videos showing bosses, exploration and summoning –

Final Fantasy 16, 2 gameplay videos showing bosses, exploration and summoning –

Game Informer has released two new games video to Play to Final Fantasy 16which are approximately twenty-four and sixteen minutes long, respectively, in which it is shown Bosses, exploration and summoning: Three of the key elements of the experience Square Enix has put together.

If you have read the tried Final Fantasy 16, you will already know what we are talking about and the mechanics that characterize this new and exciting chapter in the series, in which we will have to play a particularly strong and angry warrior, determined to take revenge on him.

Sequences captured by Game Informer reveal how the Dungeons And the challenges we will find within them, with the inevitable focus on them combat system And the way it’s used during normal battles and boss fights, the latter is certainly full of potential.

In the second video, we instead see what constitutes one of Final Fantasy 16’s most exciting features, the confrontation between iconthe classic provocations that fans of the series know well and that here they will beat each other as if in a battle between giant monsters.

In short, everything is really exciting and the project looks solid, so we can’t wait to get our hands on it, but we’ll have to wait a little longer as Final Fantasy 16’s release date is set for June 22 exclusively on PS5.

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