Doctoral and technical, Di Maria is a deal for Juventus

Doctoral and technical, Di Maria is a deal for Juventus

Let’s face it: Al Charm Madame, the old lady’s charm is irresistible. Not even if you’re… an angel. Winning between Juventus and Angel Di Maria It has all the credentials to become a beautiful story of love and passion for Futbolera. the video In a few weeks it will be vacated by PSG, which will not exercise the annual renewal option. So Di Maria is looking for a new challenge, a winning adventure with which he can say goodbye to Europe to return, in two or three years at the most, to Argentina to play the last flash of his career. For someone who, on our continent, has played in prestigious clubs such as Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, the Italian solution would be most welcome and would give him the opportunity to compete in another league.

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there JuventusMoreover, it will be perfect: represents the nobility of Italian football and will give him the opportunity to compete to win his second Champions League after making a decisive contribution, as a midfielder and not as a winger, to Real Madrid’s 10th championship in 2014. Juventus would be perfect for ambitions Argentine, the result will not change the oppositeRequest Of the factors: cheerful can be found with external loudCapable of jumping man with impressive ease, capable of brushing crosses and assisting Doosan Vlahovic. El Fideo knows how to be devastating on the left and right, because he was, several times, a factor when used as a midfielder, as Ancelotti invented it. three Solution In single player: In England they say “Priceless!” 8000000.

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