Battlefield 2042 vs PS5 vs Xbox Series X comparison | S in VGTech Video Analysis –

Battlefield 2042 Definitely can not escape from the classic Video comparison between versions PS5 and Xbox Series X | S., in this case with the analysis by VGTech, the reaction is always in suggesting these in-depth videos on the latest news.

So how is the new DICE and EA game going? Very good on both platforms, with a clear drop in relation to the Xbox Series S. Precision, in all cases, the game benefits from dynamic resolution with 4K chessboard rendering: in principle, the Xbox Series X and PS5 range from 3840 x 2160 to 2560 x 1440, with the latter being somewhat rare, while the Xbox Series S transitions From 2272 x 1278 to 1440 x 810, although even in this case lower numbers are rarely found.

In general, the number of pixels shows the average resolution the above On Xbox Series X, regarding moments being considered, which reports values ‚Äč‚Äčlike 3733×2100 or 3648×2052 on Series X while simultaneously hitting PS5 at 3584×2016 or 3456×1944. The differences in average frame counts are almost imperceptible, with 59.16 fps on PS5 and 59.01 fps on Xbox Series X (slightly lower on Xbox Series S).

However, what seems quite evident in the test are some problems stammer Which appeared in the Xbox Series X version, are real little blocks that must necessarily be fixed by DICE with an update because they can definitely be annoying.

We also remember our review of Battlefield 2042 and the fact that there are two updates planned in this period, one of which was already released in these hours.

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