Your Computer Has a Hidden Menu: How to Unhide It

Your Computer Has a Hidden Menu: How to Unhide It

Users think they know all the secrets of their computer, but few of them know how to unhide this hidden menu: what it is for.

Your computer has a hidden menu: it can be very useful (

Nowadays it has become really difficult to do without a good computer. Especially those who use personal computers for work, especially remotely, know this well. There are now many smart workers who need an excellent device To be fully productive. However, in addition to all work-related matters, buying a good computer is also an excellent step for many other daily activities: watching movies and TV series, playing video games and much more.

Hidden menu on the computer: few people know about it

New generation products are very rich in features that really make users' lives easier. Computer owners day by day They discover all the features of their devicesalthough some functions may sometimes remain “secret”.

Many functions through hidden menu on PC: just a simple key combination (

An example of this is Hidden menu on your computer, a detail that not everyone knows but that can actually be very useful. But how do you locate this list? Where is it located exactly?

Technology expert Biagio Gabrielli, a content creator and influencer in the technology and digital sector, posted a video on Instagram – where he is under the name and followed by about 446 thousand followers – to explain how to access this hidden menu that can actually be very useful.

To access the menu, you need to use a specific key combination. You go to the computer keyboard and Press the Windows key and the G key at the same time. Once this process is completed, we will see an “exotic” menu full of interesting functions appear on the screen.

Screenshots, performance, music – all features

In theory, this hidden menu is designed primarily for gaming, but as the creator explained, its usefulness is actually much broader.

Just to give an example, with this Windows game bar menu You can take a screenshot much fasterOr you can check all system volumes at a certain speed.

Moreover, the menu we made appearing with the Windows + G combination also allows you to monitor Computer performance in terms of GPU, RAM, VRAM And more. And that's not all, because among the many features of the game bar menu there is also the possibility of quickly controlling music from Spotify.

But how do you go back to the home screen? Once you have tested all the hidden menu features Just click on an empty space To make your computer screen go back to how it was before.

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