Audi challenges Ducati, and the showdown at the dealership shocked motorcyclists: all was revealed

Audi challenges Ducati, and the showdown at the dealership shocked motorcyclists: all was revealed

The Volkswagen Group has two exceptional brands, Audi and Ducati, and the challenge between them seems incredible.

There are brands that have proven over the years that they know how to cement themselves in history thanks to the ability not only to design some of the best road models ever, but also able to constantly renew themselves. There is no doubt that there are among them Audi and Ducatiunusual facts that have managed to prove themselves like few others.

Audi and Ducati –

The Borgo Panigale house project has always been very ambitious, with speed having to be one of the main strengths of the Emilian reality. With the move to the German group, its reputation grew, giving rise to a series of motorcycles that have established themselves around the world.

One of the ones that achieved the greatest results is without a doubt Ducati Panigale V4 R, the model that dominates Superbike. It is clear that on the market you cannot buy the same model so brilliantly driven by Alvaro Bautista and Nicolo Bulega, but even the production and non-racing version is undoubtedly one of those capable of obtaining approval.

Ducati with Panigale V4 t The opportunity to show the public an exceptional sports car featuring a 1000cc four-cylinder engine giving it the opportunity to generate a maximum power of 218 hp. The motorcycle has a starting price of €43,990, which is a really ridiculous market value, but it seems that someone at Audi decided to make a strange comparison with a new German gem.

The Audi e-Tron GT is like the Ducati Panigale V4 R: here's why

Audi and Ducati They will never go to war as long as they are together in the world Volkswagen Groupwith some of the manufacturers' key engineers, designers and test drivers recently having the opportunity to test the new product Audi e-tron GT. We are facing a new concept of the luxury electric car, and this car has received very positive reviews and also a possible comparison with the car Ducati Panigale V4 R.

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Audi and Ducati –

This aspect was highlighted by Audi's technical project manager, viz jean matisse relling, With those who, as reported in, explained how a whole series of accessibility features are present in Ducati Panigale V4 R Technical options can also be foundAudi e-tron GT.

In this way, we have the possibility of creating an innovative electric model, capable of generating power like few other cars in history, given that it can reach 646 hp. The change that thus allows forAudi e-tron GT To become a clear reference point in the world of electric cars, just like Ducati Panigale V4 R In the world of motorcycles.

Interesting analyzes too Alessandro Failla, or Ducati's chief test rider and developer. The latter talked about the wonderful experience of driving A's caraudi e-tron gt, With exceptional acceleration and stability, with acceleration worthy of the legendary Emilian superbikes.

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