Ford F 150 Raptor, the pickup monster is about to arrive in Italy | Off-road fans are in a frenzy

Ford F 150 Raptor, the pickup monster is about to arrive in Italy |  Off-road fans are in a frenzy

In the world of cars, the brand seems to be able to represent the true essence of cars, on a conceptual and symbolic level, but not only: the history, innovation, transformation and future of cars. That’s by saying?

We’re talking about Ford: all over the world, when you say car, you often think of that stronghold. The large global multinational company that played a leading role in everything Developments Subordinate Models Motorized, still today dominates.

A global brand, absolute power in the market, at the level of… innovation But at the same time too tradition, there stronghold He doesn’t miss anything and neither do his cars Iconic presence constants on Streets From the world.

Hence, when we talk about specific force, size, strength, What is more, it seems that Ford’s metaphor can be represented in a completely absolute way The idea And deceptionCHectogram of Guide.

The example, one of many, comes from another giant stronghold About to launch in Italy as well. About to arrive in our country ford f150 raptor, A true monster, a giant of the gods Pick up. We’re almost there now.

Ford, here is the super pickup

Generally, Ford F-150 Raptor R Represent Total pickup. The Oval House has decided to give itself over and give us an unusual vehicle, the most powerful of all: with 710 hp V8, ShThe massive size, which is designed to allow it to roar anywhere, has already been on display for the first time here Italy, He shows great enthusiasm.

In terms of power and speed, just think of zero-hundred in just four seconds. Fast, powerful, durable and reassuring, it offers an easy ride with versatility on all terrains.

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Ford F 150 Raptor R, a powerful gem on the road

Above all, it’s clear on the tracks off road, Its true home. With a new towing model, a ten-speed gearbox and sharper boost in non-urban sections, the ILB doesn’t give up anything.

Strong of course, as is evident just by looking at it, and can be relied upon Guide On all possible terrains. But at the same time it is easy to handle, safe and practical Guide, Also presented with interesting ones equipment from a kind of Technological And through a system Information and entertainment Suitable for all types of customers, with full compatibility. Versatile, therefore, and powerful giant stronghold It also knows how to be ‘soft’ in its entertainment and connectivity offerings, for fast, safe and exhilarating journeys.

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