Show of Fury, He’s the King of WBC Heavyweight at Wembley! And now retire

Show of Fury, He’s the King of WBC Heavyweight at Wembley!  And now retire

Show of Fury, He’s the WBC Heavyweight King in front of 100k at Wembley! And now retire

The erect right on the chin and Wembley Stadium, packed with crowds and emblazoned with lights, explode with glee. One hit for WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury was enough to defend the title against contender Dillian White. An all-English boxing challenge, a great show and a great act in front of nearly 100,000 spectators, which confirmed that England is the mecca of boxing, along with the United States. The ‘Gypsy King’ class also confirmed the giant gypsy king of 2.06 for 126kg (as Primo Carneira), who was undefeated after 33 matches: 32 wins and a tie in the first challenge of the treble by Deontay Wilder, then amply compensated by two successes.

the match

Whyte, one year older (34 to 33) and shorter than 13cm (1.93), couldn’t do anything in this English derby. The slight extension forced him to suffer a left poke by the champ. His attempts to shorten the distance had no effect. Fury won every round, save for perhaps the first tie, before closing with that superb shot. The first shot in the studio. Fury on the normal guard, white on the right guard. Practically nothing happens. In the second, White returns to the natural goalkeeper and on two occasions manages to shorten the distance by bringing Fury to the ropes, but he dodges and makes the best shots. In the third round of Fury again, my best shots, especially the often double direct, are facilitated by the greater extension. In the fourth, the head and a provocative outfit are forced by the referee to intervene and divide the boxers with difficulty. They make the champ nervous, but he continues to dominate the match. Round five is the clearest in Fury’s favour. The warning of the body and the usual mixture of the two straights neutralize any ambitions of the opponent.

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decisive blow

It is the rehearsal of the conclusion. At 2’59” from round six in the middle of the ring, Fury’s top passes under White’s arms, reaches for him on his chin, and finishes the race by slipping into his left ear and throwing him to the floor. The referee starts counting. The Challenger manages to stagger to his feet and seems capable On appeal.But his legs could not hold him, his head clouded and literally collapsed in the arms of Mike Laison, who could not help but decide the end of the fight.

the song

Fury, the king of the gypsies, is still a hero. He thanks God, says he’s proud of England and perfectly sings “Miss American Pie,” an iconic piece by Don McLane, dedicated to his wife. Curtain confirms that he is an authentic showman, as well as a great boxing champion, and who knows how long, king of the world. If not, he will be retiring, as was announced on the eve of the match and repeated after the match.

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