Cesena-Reggiana Report Cards | The first goal of the season failed

Cesena-Reggiana Report Cards |  The first goal of the season failed

The Bianconeri is unable to get up after the counter-hit of the bomb’s target. Retreat in terms of personality.

Louis 6 Like all Cesena, he was surprised by Nardi’s header, which he can’t blame. Good on a close-range shot in the final by Varela, who holed him up a few minutes later.

Ciofi 5 His game is not passive, but in fact he is responsible for both goals of the grenade. In the first he was caught drawing a Nardi header, while in the second he was completely off-centre, leaving De Rose to celebrate with a lively Barella.

Credit 6.5 Faithful in marking and always ready to get away from the blocks to win meters and free kicks. Sublime even in the attacking phase, as evidenced by the near-headed goal and kiss assist, always with the header, in favor of Mustaccio.

Silvestri 5.5 Accurate and well positioned always, or rather almost always, due to the complete absence of marking the opponent’s second goal.

Albertini 6 He tries the cross, he tries it again, he doesn’t give up, and in the end it was precisely from his cross that Juventus’ goal of hope was born. For the rest, a lot of running around and being in the zone doesn’t hurt.

DeRose 5.5.0 update He diverged and did whatever he wanted in midfield, then fell physiologically like all Cesena, even if he was among the last to quit. Varela burned it completely on goal which actually ends the game.

Brambilla 5.5.0 update A good low shot and another little for the class of 2000, which today shows very little from his technical department in favor of his teammates. Definitely guilty of the 1-0 goal due to negative marking on Kabashi’s assistant. (from 56′ Saber 5 He has to enter to break it all, but the essence is an end in itself, with the class of 95 running in circles and trying (but failing) to do something. Keeping Varela in play marking a 2-0 finish sealed his shady match.)

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Adam 6.5 Particularly great today, first of all in defence, Emanuele Pio is one of those motorcyclists that never shuts down, one of those that are probably okay with a few more minutes on the putting green. But maybe… (From 56 min Sharp 6 It is only noticed on the occasion of the yellow card for the protests and the signed goal, which gives Cesena the last minutes of hope. deja vu.)

eggs 5 An excellent first half which, however, was followed by a second half, was not received, so much so that Toscano had to be substituted. (from 77 ‘ chiarello sv)

S. Shpendi 5 He tries to catch on the wing, but nothing, it’s not really his game. He does not light up (and does not light up) even in the second half, dooming himself to an early exit. (from 64 ‘ Ferrante 4.5 Summer Solstice didn’t even strike today, repeatedly throwing the grenade at the wall and putting together another performance from not receiving. But it’s hard to trust him that way.)

shield 5 He moved well in the first half, which also gave the impression that he was close to scoring but did not reach. He came back disoriented from the changing rooms, but played almost the entire second half. (from 77′ Udoh SV)

Mr Tuscan 5 He gets into a defensive side right away but still manages to make an excellent first impression for a match. It is unfortunate, however, that when Reggiana scores a goal out of nowhere, their team is devoid of concrete solutions, which unfortunately only come into play after the match has progressed. The usual attacking entries in the last few minutes are as useful as Reggiano without Parmesan.

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Cesena FC5 The start, with a missed goal in the penalty area, is one of the best, and gives us hope for a match officially led by the Bianconeri. This is the case, at least until Reggiana scores a 1-0 hat-trick that blows every plan from Cavalluccio. The recent confusion from which Mustacchio’s goal only was born, valid exclusively for equality of goal difference in direct engagements, is unrealistic.

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