May 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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LIVE TJ – Bayern prepares for De Ligt’s show. Pogba will arrive tomorrow. Juventus in action with Koulibaly and Zaniolo. The latest on Morata and Milinkovic

21:40 – In the coming days, Bayern Monaco will present the premiere of DE LIGT – (click here)

21:00 – FALK: “Bayern will not pay DE LIGT” – (click here)

7.40pm – If Bayern gives Lewandowski, he’ll have more availability to please JUVE – (click here)

19:10 – TMW – Cristiano Ronaldo would have chosen Bayern – (click here)

17:40 – Official – DEL FAVERO Alla PRO PATRIA – (click here)

16:00 – SHOOT YILDIZ FOR JUVE, DECADE TO 2025 – (click here)

15:30 – Wednesday compared to Dzeko – Inzaghi – (click here)

15:10 – The press – Chelsea moves to Koulibaly – (click here)

15:00 – Helicopter – Competitions keep Juve’s goal – (click here)

14:40 – SPORTMEDIASET – Morata is about to stay in sports – (click here)


14:20 – Zacharias may be the key to unlocking Zaniolo – (click here)

13:39 – Pogba comes tomorrow – Gianluca Di Marzio revealed, via Twitter, that Paul Pogba will arrive in Turin tomorrow: “juventusfc:paulpogba should arrive in #Torino tomorrow evening, while tonight #DiMariaSkySport is confirmed,” a Sky Sport journalist wrote.

13:31 – Market Point – According to Sky Sports, Juventus met yesterday with the agents of Koulibaly and Zaniolo. The Bianconeri in speeches with Ramadan was also going to conduct a poll for Milinkovic. Also because in the event of De Ligt’s departure, Juventus could take two defenders. While at the top with Zaniolo’s agent, the Bianconeri had implemented the strategy of the bid to be made to Roma. Moreover, Juventus was not full of path to Morata. While regarding De Ligt, Juventus would like a figure as close as possible to 120 million in the paragraph.

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13:00 – Republic – The market in Italy still speaks foreign – (click here)

12:50 – Gaza – Coulibaly’s first name after DE LIGT – (click here)

12:20 – Corspor – JUVE bid 15 million per molina – (click here)