April 2, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Basketball, the United States is overtaken by Spain for first place in the world rankings and is responding in its own way… – OA Sport

The US basketball team has lost its first place in the world ranking. That in itself is really great news, also because the Stars and Stripes team haven’t relinquished football in clips for 12 years, but… Immediate overtaking from Spain (New European Champion) Apparently not relegated to the previous Dream Team.

After all, the United States just picked up another Olympic gold, the last of which she wore in Tokyo 2020, but Spain is still perfecting her move after claiming her title on the mainland in September. “Liz Majesty” So much so, one might say USA Basketball’s official account immediately posted a tweet with a terse “very funny. that’s sweet” That is, paradoxically: “It’s beautiful …”.

As the Iberian coach admitted, Sergio Scarillo: “We are proud of this achievement, even if we know it won’t last long.”. Everything will be up for grabs already in the coming months, with World Cup 2023 which will be held between the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, as the focal point of the season. The United States will start as clear favorites in the World Championships, with a clear intention to put everything in its place.

NBA results tonight (November 20): Victory and points for Simon Funicchio. Paolo Panchero is still absent

So, how does the global ranking form now? A ranking in which we also see Italy at the highest levels. In first place, as we mentioned, we find Spain with a score of 758.6 points, then the United States in second place with 0.9 points (757.7). Third place is for Australia with 740.3, fourth for Argentina with 734.3, fifth for France with 715, sixth for Serbia with 710.9, seventh for Slovenia with 704.3, eighth for Lithuania with 669.5, ninth for Greece with 665.9, While Italy rounded out the top ten with a score of 646.6

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Photo: La Presse