Robin Wagensberg travels to Switzerland after being charged with terrorism in the tsunami case

Deputy of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission in Parliament Robin Wagensburg He went to Ginebraa SwissIn a stay described by the party as “Moment“To prepare his political and legal defence.

According to the ERC, the decision, announced early Wednesday, was prompted by Anxiety attacks which Wagensburg has recently suffered from, and which they have caused a little.

The party also claims that the concern is due to… Prosecution Which is subject to the judge of the National Court Manuel Garcia Castellon In this case Democracy tsunami.

Wagensburg, that is Fourth secretary At the parliamentary table, a crime is being investigated terrorism In this case it also achieves Carles Puigdemont I Marta Rovirawho specifically lives in Geneva for a long time Almost 6 years

Focus on preparing for terrorism charges

Party sources confirmed to various media outlets that Wagensberg is now meeting Organizations and legal experts To analyze and prepare all possible scenarios.

Deputy Prime Minister, Laura VillagraHe denied that Wagensburg's move to Switzerland had anything to do with the matter Braking That he had Amnesty bill in Congress.

In an interview with RNE, Vilagrà did not want to comment on the Wagensberg case, saying it “A very personal matter“It's another one of the,” he added.a lot of people“Those accused of terrorism.

It was reported by the news Digital Madrid Confidentialitywhich claims that Wagensberg has been out of work for some time more than a month He has not been to Parliament since December 23.

As reported to the ERC Unofficial For Parliament that his absence will be undefinedthat was Vacation for two months And he has already extended it for another month.

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Robin Wagensberg with Parliamentary table secretary Aurora Madaula and Vice President Assumpta Eskarpe, in June in Parliament (ACN)

This digital account claims that the most important moment for Wagnsberg was meeting the lawyer in Parliament Andrew van den EyndeAnd he came out shaken.

On November 21, Judge Garcia Castellon issued the ruling Introductory Who asked for it Wagensburg ability As a former regional representative From TSJC to the Supreme Court.

The prosecution objected With the argument he did not provide New tests No progress was made in the investigation.

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